Alpha And Omega: The Moonlight Howl

THIS IS A GIRLS ONLY QUIZ!!!!!! Anyway, i was really bored, i made up some alpha and omega characters, and i wanted to use them in some way. I remembered the moonlight howl, and those scenes were always pretty cool to me, so yeah...

THIS IS A GIRLS ONLY QUIZ!!!!!!!!! Anyway, alpha and omega was one of my favorite movies. I made up some characters, and the moonlight howls were always cool scenes to me, so i used them in here. Who will YOU howl with this moonlight howl? Come here and find out!

Created by: Icepaw
  1. You are out playing with your friends when suddenly a random wolf comes up and tells you it's the night of the moonlight howl. What do you say?
  2. You are getting ready for the moonlight howl when your father walks in and tells you he set up a blind date for you. What do you do?
  3. You are done getting ready when you walk outside to see only your parents and sibling sitting there. "Um, dad...where's my date?" You ask your dad. He tells you "His parents needed him for a second. I doubt he knows his way back here though. You should go look for him." How do you react?
  4. Just as you are about to leave, your dad stops you and makes you bring your sibling, who really doesn't want to do his/her first moonlight howl. Do you bring him/her with you?
  5. Your sibling wants you to drop him/her off at his/her friend's den. You agree to it, but just as you are walking up the howling rock, you see the most handsome wolf you've ever seen in your life standing at the top, looking around. He then looks at you, runs toward you, and says in a voice as solid and strong as gold, "Hey there! You wouldn't happen to be known as (Your wolf's name), would you?" You respond, "Yes..." Then, he smiles and replies, "Well, that's good, because i believe your father set you up on a date with me." How do you feel?
  6. Your sibling rolls their eyes, but walking resentfully behind your date is his sibling, who happens to be the opposite gender of your sibling. You see your sibling's tongue flop out of his/her mouth. "WOW!" He/she squeaks when he/she lays eyes upon him/her. Your date laughs. "Maybe these two could howl together?" He says. "YES!!" Both the siblings reply immediately and walk off. You then ask your date about himself. What are you hoping he will say?
  7. He tells you about himself, and for the most part, you like what you are hearing. Then, he just stares at you head on. In his (whatever) color eyes, you see a resemblance to...?
  8. After many minutes of long silence, you say to him, "I love your eyes..." He says, "Thanks. Yours are nice, too. Oh, i almost forgot. My name is (the name of your result). Now, let's howl!" There is an awkward silence as he looks at you with squinted eyes and a crooked smile. Finally he says " you wanna start or me?" You say "I really don't care." He replies, "Okay, I'll start." He takes a deep breath and emits a howl. How good did it sound?
  9. Even if the howl wasn't that great, you're still impressed, so you join in and howl with him. As soon as you do, a big smile spreads across his face and he continues howling. You both stay there and howl different rhythms throughout the entire melodious night. Soon, after the final verse, you and your date become tired and head back to your den. You both smile to see your younger siblings sleeping side by side. You mom comes up and whispers to your date, "You can rest here tonight, if you like." He nods his head and curls up. Then you lie down as well. Then, your father kneels down and asks you with a smile, "How was your night, sweetie?" You say...
  10. Thank you for taking this quiz! I hope you had fun! Sorry that i didn't mention in the title that this was girls only o.O are you ready for your result? (no effect)

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