Are you Alpha or Omega?

We've all often wondered who we are, and what we mean to other people. For those who, like myself, often wonder that if we lived in a more primal time, what sort of a person/animal would we be?

Would we be the dominant or alpha of the pack or pride that makes up our family? Would we be a subordinate, making up the bulk of your group? Would we be an omega, not important, but tagging along anyway? What sort of a person are you, and what sort of a 'rank' do you have among your 'pack' of friends?

Created by: Alphess
  1. How do people describe you?
  2. Are you considered popular among your friends?
  3. How many friends do you have?
  4. How many of these friends are you close to?
  5. How many of these friends are you emotionally attached to?
  6. Do you have any "╦ťfriends' whom you dislike, but they follow you around anyway?
  7. If so, how many?
  8. How well do you know people?
  9. How well do you know yourself?
  10. Your physical strengths
  11. Your physical weaknesses
  12. Your mental strengths
  13. Your mental weaknesses
  14. Do you like being in large crowds?
  15. Do you like being alone?
  16. On a scale of 1-5, how tough are you?
  17. How physically strong are you?
  18. How mentally strong are you?
  19. Do people look up to you?
  20. Do people look down on you?
  21. Do people underestimate you?
  22. How important are you to your friends?
  23. Now for some RP...A gunman bursts into the room and tells you that if you don't go with him he'll shoot your friends. What do you do?
  24. You are attacked by a bear and it is mauling THE MOST important person in your life. What will you do?
  25. Someone accuses you of something you didn't do. How do you react?
  26. Some evil guy is holding a knife at your best friend/BF/GF's throat, and tells you that it's either you or him/her. Will you die for him/her?
  27. This is the final question. Who do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: Am I Alpha or Omega?