A Hunger Games Story- Part two

Hey guys! Here is part 2 of my Hunger Games Story! Chapter one is linked by my name.. I think! I dont exactly know... But oh well! Enjoy :) P.S. Read chapter 1 first!

Hey guys! Here is part 2 of my Hunger Games Story! Chapter one is linked by my name.. I think! I dont exactly know... But oh well! Enjoy :) P.S. Read chapter 1 first! :)

Created by: KatnissPeeta12

  1. Wow.... There is like so much food on our table! We can't even get ANY of this in district 12! There's cookies, brownies, Chicken, Beef, Cake, wine, mutton chops, mashed potatoes, lamb chops, Bacon, pot roast, blueberries and SO much more! Trout whispers to me. "Looks like we won't be starving to death in safety anymore." he says. I smile. "Looks like we have a couple of lovebirds here don't we?" Eifel Trinket says. Trout and I stare at each other and just laugh. "Um no! We have hardly EVER spoken to each other! How can we be in love?" I ask. "Yeah!" Trout says.... But the tone of his voice says he doesn't agree with me.... "Oh well I understand dear! Why don't you try some wine?" Eifel asked me. I shake my head. I once accidentally tried wine and it fogged up my vision for a few hours. I start filling my plate. I grab some pot roast, mashed potatoes, blueberries, some chicken and beef and lamb chops- Hey the plates are huge! And we starve in district 12 so don't blame me!
  2. After dinner, we watch the replays of the reapings. I must admit... The guy from district 1 is well... Pretty cute (Picture Niall Horan! :p). After watching 11 replays, they get to district 12. The entire country on Panem is seeing me, volunteer for Diamond but then realize we are both fighting in the Games. There is 48 Tributes. 4 make it out of that arena ALIVE. I look at Trout and he smiles at me. I smile back... We are getting even more romantic by the SECOND!!!
  3. That night, As I try to sleep I can't help thinking about Iris. The training session is tomorrow and following that is our private session with the game makers. I must rest. When I finally fall asleep, I have a dream. A dream where Trout and the guy from district 1 are fighting over me. Offically, we started dating during the Games when he helped me kill a squirrel. The dream never gets a good ending cause Eifel wakes me for breakfast. I quickly get dressed.
  4. I walk out of my room and sit next to Eifel at the table- Far away from Trout. I start filling my plate with pancakes, bacon, toast and eggs. The training session is in 2 hours. I must eat up because the more I eat, the more energy I have.
  5. All 4 of us are giving special training clothing. We almost arrive at the Capitol once we are done getting dressed. When we arrive, we are forced to head start to the training area. That is where we see all the other 44 tributes. I see the guy from district 1. He spots me and smiles. I head to the archery section-it's my best quality. The district 1 boy comes over to me. "Hello. My name is Gale (NOT the Gale in the original books! I couldn't think of another district name!)." He says to me. "I'm Clover. Nice to meet you." I say. I shoot another arrow. "Wow. You have a good aim. Maybe we should team up in the Games." Gale says to me. "I'll think about it. I'll meet you somewhere in the arena if I agree to do so." I say. And go to another station.
  6. It is finally time to show the game makers EVERYTHING! District 12 goes last so Trout, Catfish, Diamond and I have some time to relax. We all sit down until we are called. I am called first out of District 12. I go in the room where the Game Makers are. I pick up a bow and some arrows. I start shooting at practice dummies. After that I grab the knife I picked up and do a summersault, push my self up on my knee and throw the knife at sack of sand that's in front of me. The sand starts flowing out of it. The game makers aren't paying attention to me. I grab my bow and arrow and aim for the painting of the President of Panem. I shoot and it lands directly on his face. "You dismissed." a game maker says. But before he says it... I have already made my way to the door.
  7. I walk back to my room. I sit down on my bed and watch some TV. In about 1 hour, when all the tributes are done, we will see our training session scores. I bet I did bad because... I shoot a painting of the President. Gale must of done good though....
  8. The 3 other tributes, Eifel Coin, Peeta and I all file into the main room where we will see how we all did for scores. I was wrong. Gale got a 7! A seven! When they get to district 12, I am prepared to see the bad news. Trout got a 9, Catfish got 7, Diamond got 10. I'm the last they show. Worst for last... Right? But I am completely amazed.... I scored a 12.
  9. All the attention is now suddenly on me. Except Peeta. He has his phone taken out. "Guess what! Clover scored a 12 in the training session!" He says when he's on his phone... He's talking to Katniss, I can tell. Diamond high fives me and Trout and Catfish are clapping. It's time for dinner so we know all go and sit at the table. I get lots and lots of beef today. With some mashed potatoes and lamb chops. Hey! A winner needs to set like a winner... Like I am one though.
  10. When I go to sleep that evening, the dream from last night comes back. Trout and Gale are trying to kill each other... WHERE AM I AT THIS POINT? Trout keeps yelling "YOU DON'T LOVE HER! YOU LOVE THAT FOX CHICK FROM DISTRICT 2!" He's yelling and Gale keeps attempting to stab him.... It is just a dream... It is just a dream!

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