welcome to the 20th annual Hunger games (part 1)

Ever wondered what happens in the 20th hunger games well we are going to find out! Follow district 9 Lara on her adventure leading up to the games?!!!

As Lara enters a world she never seen before. She discovers how good at hunting she really is. And when that gong goes off what will happen sadness, triumph. Or death?

Created by: a normal girl

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  1. I sit in the field of grain. The golden plants slowly swayed in the wind. It was so .......peaceful. For a sad day like this it's very.....peaceful. It won't be sad for most of district 9 after the reaping. Except for 2 families. This is the 20th hunger games. And I'm not looking forward to it. I'm 15 last years tributes where 12 and they were killed at the bloodbath by district 1. 12 years old. They didn't even lived their lives yet and they were sent to there deaths. Stupid capital. I picked up a stone and hurled it at a grain cart. " what are you planing to do when the farmer catches you at his grain?" said a voice from behind. " well first of. He won't catch me he only harvests on Mondays. And second why do you ask?" I said. " I ask because I'm worried. You know it's the reaping .the gards have doubled in the last hour. And that old man would pay to see you wipped, Lara." said the voice. I haven't heard my name in 2 days it felt alien when he said it.
  2. He sat down beside me. " well tallon, you shouldn't be worried you already have your sisters." I poked him and laughed. "Well your still my friend , aren't you?" tallon said. " Of course you are!! But still! You shouldn't be worrying about me.....I'm a big girl now!!" we laughed. We stayed there for about a hour then said our goodbyes and left to get ready for the reaping. I washed myself and combed my dirty blonde hair.I dont realy resemble what district 9 people usually look like. Take Tallon for instance. He looked like a real district 9er. Light brown hair. Tan face. Green eyes. But me I have dirty blonde hair. Light tan and blue eyes. All the old folk say I'm lucky to be so pretty. But some days I'd give anything to look like every one else
  3. I put on a white dress and little brown heels. I braided my hair into a French plait. And added gold earrings. I looked at myself in the cracking old mirror. I saw my mom behind me. I turned to look at her. She came up to me and gave me a hug.I felt her put something around my neck. I looked down. It was a gold chain with a gold dove flying and holding a piece of gold grain. " your necklace!" I said looking at her. " so I can be with you always" I smiled at her and we walked out the door.
  4. I watched as my mom stood with all the other parents. I winced as the woman from the capital took my blood. When I was finished I went to line up with the other 15 year olds. I scanned the 17s line. I met Tallons eyes and gave him a weak smile. And turned to look at Daple Bree she calls the names at the reaping every year. She looked like a walking lollipop. My heart was banging on my chest so hard it felt like it was trying to punch a hole in it.
  5. " welcome to the 20th annual hunger games, and may the odds be EVER in your favor." Daples voice blared through the town square. " as usual Lady's first!" she walked over to the plastic spere full of girls names. She grabbed one and walked over to the Mic. "* cough cough* Lara Hart" I think my heart really did punch a hole in my chest. Because I nearly fainted. But I know the careers go for easy targets so I walked up on to the stage. I saw Tallon hugging my mom. She was crying. Some of our friends came over and comforted her. I touched my necklace. I'm dead for sure
  6. " now. For the boys" she walked over to the boys plastic spere and pulled out a name. " Rave Conlon" oh no not him. Rave walked onto the stage. He had dark brown hair tan square jaw and dark green eyes. He was a year older than me. A little shorter than Tallon. An inch over me. When he stood at the spot Daple was pointing at she began to talk " well shake hands!" we shuck hands and looked back at the crowd. " well happy hunger games and may the odds be EVER in your favor." and with that we were pushed of the stage. Ready to have the last talk with our families.
  7. I stood looking out the window. I heard the door open I looked around and ran into her arms. " Lara, get a bow or a knife. Your good a hunting so it will be easy, ok? Take the necklace with you. And Lara....I love you." " I love you too." we stood there hugging each other and crying. The door opens a the gard pulled mom away " I'll see you soon I promise!" shouted my mom. I hope so..I hope so. The door opened again. And Tallon walked in he pulled me into a hug. " Get a bow ok? You know how to cook game. And find a cave or a tree. They might have killer animals there so watch out. And dont make allies unless you REALLY trust them." he was crying now. " Tallon, it's ok. Dont worry.........I'm a big girl now" I laughed but started crying shortly after. Before I knew it he was gone.
  8. I was on the train our victor was sitting there looking at us. I felt weird with him just watching me. Raved coughed still nothing. " soooo...." I said still nothing I waved my hand infront of his face still nothing. Daple laughed" he is asleep." me and rave looked at each other." what? " said rave. " he sleeps with his eyes open....shock from the games" rave looked at me I gave him a weak smile. " so ate you guys going to be allies?" daple asked. I turned to look at rave. All them memorys of him flashed my mind " if rave wants too." I said. He nodded " I dont mind."
  9. I got dressed for bed not even looking at my room.....this is going to be a long night
  10. ......CLIFFHANGER! Well that's it for. Part 1 see ya soon

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