The Hunger Games

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There are many people who think they have what it takes but I think you can do it. Please do it for me. Please.

Created by: Babypenguinchic

  1. What chapter in the first book does Rue die in?
  2. Which book does Finnick die in?
  3. In the second book who does Katniss try to kill with a syringe first?
  4. Is the Hunger Games awesome?
  5. You can cheat for this one but do not cheat for other questions unless I tell you to. What are the first words of chapter 9 in the second book?
  6. In the second book what is the arena shapd like?
  7. What two chapters in the second book are when Gale is whipped? DO NOT CHEAT AT ALL.
  8. In the first book which mutt dog do Katniss and Peeta recondnize first?
  9. What is the symbol of rebelion in all the books?
  10. Who wrote the Hunger Games?
  11. Which district was destroyed and what did they make
  12. What is the name of the person who plays Peeta in the movie?
  13. In the interviews before the second Hunger Games what did Peeta tell the audience?
  14. LAST QUESTION do you like this quiz and would you like me to make another one?

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