so you know roseanne?

Some people find a certain show and the love it, if you scored high then Roseanne must be the show you love. Just like me and thats why your score was high. Im very proud if your score was 85and higher. So go have fun and watch Roseanne, I know you want to.

Roseanne is a funny, entertaining show, thats why I love it. I hope you love it as well. If you do, then as soon as you finish this quiz, turn the television on, and turn it to Roseanne and have a blast watching Roseanne, I know you want to!

Created by: kevin
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  1. The Conners have how many children, themselves.
  2. Which is one of Dan&Roseanne's hang out spots?
  3. Roseanne has how many siblings, on the show?
  4. What is Roseanne's grandmothers name?
  5. How many men had Jackie slept with by the time she met Fred? ( Approximately )
  6. Jackie got pregnant by?
  7. Who is Jackie?
  8. What are Roseanne and Dan's children's names?
  9. What is DJ's real name?
  10. Darlene dated Who?
  11. Jackie got hurt, while working, and had to go to the hospital, and could her boyfriend at the time told her to stop working there, where did she work and who was she dating?
  12. Roseanne planned a Gay Wedding for who?
  13. What was Roseanne's youngest child's name?
  14. How many episodes of Roseanne were there?
  15. What was Becky's first home with her husband, besides the Conner's house?
  16. What was Darlenes child's name?
  17. Beverly got arrested for what?
  18. How much money did the Conners win?

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