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The Ultimate, Dare Say Biblical in Proportion, Becky Connor Quiz

Everyone loves Roseanne, but many find certain seasons better than others, could that have to do with the change of Beckys? If so, maybe your experience with the show would be vastly improved once you knew which Becky you were?

Becky-biased got you down? Identify the inner Becky and set your depression aside. You owe it to yourself to know just which one lies underneath your skin. Are you a married Becky, or a class president Becky? This is the only way to know

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
What is your favor hair style?
long and lush, trailer park chic
"just made out with Jimmy Meltreeger" messy
short and studious; class president
kind of gay; I think Nancy cut it
What sounds most like your idea of a relaxing night at home?
makin' tornadoes with Diane
givin' your trailer that homey feel
making adult films
going to college
crying to your aunt Jackie
steaming your multi-colored sweaters
What sounds like your dream, after-school job?
working at the buy -n- bag
working at the sleazy restaurant
working at your dad's bike shop
taking care of your depressed sister
taking care of your stupid husband
adult movies
Which guest star did you like the most?
Shelly Winters as Aunt Mary
Sharon Stone as the Welcome lady
Stephen Dorf as Jimmy Meltreeger
George Clooney as Booker Brooks
Debbie Reynolds as Audrey Conner
Weren't you glad you were around when...
the Conner's went to Disney World
the Conner's went to Jackie's wedding
the Conner's went to grandpa's funeral
the Conner's went on a date with Jim Varney and Aunt Jackie
If you had to leave unexpectedly, you'd go...
to Vassar college
to make adult movies
to be a scrub
to get really old looking
Who is your favorite "sorta-Conner"
Joyce, the gay lounge singer and Bev's lady friend
Leon, the gay Rodbelle's manager
Nancy, the new-age lesbian
Fred, the baby's daddy
What do you hate most about your family?
the spent your college money on bills
the hate your boyfriend
the hate your husband
they let Darlene get away with murder
they don't have a dish washer
they want to give you money because you live in the trailer park
Describe yourself in one clothing item.
multi-colored sweater
denim vest with matching skirt
floral leggings
hot pants
If you had just taken a personality test, a response that best describes you would be..
you are original...ain't no replacing you, not successfully anyway
gorgeous. You're pretty and nothing else matters
adventurous. You'd leave your family for a career alongside Tracy Lords any day!
people pleaser. You feel like you have a lot to make up for, so you smile constantly
Final Question; How do you feel about the show "Bewitched"
It was cool until they replaced Darrin
it was cool when the finally replaced Darrin
it was never cool

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