How much of a dare devil are you?

There are a lot of dare devils in this world, now you can see if YOU are the ultimate dare devil, good may need it!!!!after all who knows what score you could get????

are You a dare devil? do you have the bravery to manage not just phisical, but mental challenges aswell? lets see shall we???? if i havn't already said this then..good luck

Created by: Imogen
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  1. you're at one side of a train track and a train is about to cross, you would...
  2. your at a party and a huge fght brakes out,you..
  3. your mum grounds you for a month because you got into deep, deep trouble at school and you find it so damn boring without t.v, playstaion or computer etc you would..
  4. You go out to town to find out you've got no money what do you do?
  5. you and you'r friends climb on a wall to find that it is acually about 7ft steep you..
  6. you see a drink on the ground with no label what do you do?
  7. You come to work late because your alarm clock didn't go off what would you say?
  8. is this quiz getting boring now?
  9. school is getting a SO boring now and you wish you could go home, what to you do?
  10. you have this test that you havn't studied for, what would you do?

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Quiz topic: How much of a dare devil am I?