wuold you rather

there are many people in the world who think they got balls. but few really have balls. there are two types of people on this world, weenies and dare devils. weenies are cry babies, dare devils are people with balls

are you a weenie? are you a dare devil? do you have what it takes to be a dare devil? well thanks to me *bows* you can find out in just minutes. take this quiz before it is too late. before it diappears off the website.

Created by: livie

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  1. would you rather...have 14 be the legal drinking age -or- 12 be the legal driving age
  2. would you rather...drink a shot of yak spit -or- a teaspoon of snail slime
  3. would you rather... after your first night together, have you partner see either your skidded underwear on teh floor the next morning -or- the steamer you laid in the toilet and forgot to flush
  4. would you rather...wacth your spouse having sex with someone else on a convenience store surveillance camera -or- on a public access cable show
  5. would you rather...be a woman with a mustache -or- a man with large breats
  6. would you rather...lick up someone else's vomit -or- let someone pee in your mouth (and swallow it)
  7. would you rather...knowing you are going to die tomorrow,spend your last nightout at diner with your friends -or- having sex with your favorite movie star
  8. would you rather...be forced to kill the last panda bear -or- any person of your choice
  9. would you rather...severly sunburn you private parts -or- your eyelids
  10. would you rather...find your runaway teen in a cult -or- in a p--- film

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