Are You A Dare Devil

Only a true freak would jump the grand canyon, but some might call it a dare devil. This is not a quiz for the sissy babies. If you think you're a dare devil, you may be wrong.

Everyone who would hold a tyrantula might be a dare devil, but i see otherwise, you have to do much more than hold a spider. You might be able to pass as a risk taker, but thats not near as good as a dare devil.

Created by: Rebecca

  1. do you do things that normal people wouldn't do in front of your parents
  2. would you jump across the grand canyon on a motor cycle?
  3. would you go out in public naked?
  4. would you ever hold a full grown boa-constrictor?
  5. do you mess with spiders?
  6. would you shove down an old person and moon them before running away?
  7. would you kiss a random person you just happened to walk past?
  8. would you ever pet a hungry lion?
  9. you see an ink blot, it looks like...
  10. if you find a coke, open, lying on the ground half full in wall mart, would you drink it?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Dare Devil