My Quiz, created by me.

People think they know Fee, and they even think they can tell what she is doing when they aren't even with her. I think these people are wrong, but maybe you want to prove Fee wrong, and show the world how much you know about her..

If you dare risk humiliating yourself with a bad score, go ahead and take my quiz! After all, you could go and get top marks, then I would be impressed.. Go on, you know you want to..

Created by: Fee

  2. Have I got a well big head?
  3. He tastes like you only sweeter..
  4. Don't know how you are meant to know, but what am I listening to, mate?
  5. There are three photos near me. What?
  6. How long was I just on the phone for?
  7. Who gave me the rubber that I am smiling at, because it's cool?
  8. What song line just played RIGHT AS I WRITE THIS BIT?
  9. What top am I wearing, then?!
  10. What subject do I like most?
  11. What hand do I write with?
  12. Britney Spears.. (according to Eminem)
  13. What is on top of the printer?
  14. Who beat me in that 800m thing on Monday 30th July 2007?
  15. What about the 400m thing on Tuesday 31st July 2007?
  16. Who did I last see from school?
  17. What has the highest play count on my iTunes?
  18. So how many times have I played it?
  19. Which of my recent buddies is online?
  20. What song did I last play the longest time ago?
  21. Who have I given the most Luv?
  22. What is my favo.. SPORT?! (to play)
  23. What is my favo.. SPORT?! (to watch)
  24. What is my favo.. FOOD?!
  25. So who do I support, mate?
  26. Why do I support them?
  27. What is my favo.. BAND?!
  28. What is my favo.. COLOUR?!
  29. Which rugby team will I be dancing for on September 2nd 2007?
  30. What did my mother washing machine yesterday, stupidly?
  31. Where is the first stop on the cruise next week (setting off 3rd August 2007)?
  32. What ship is it?
  33. Who am I going with?
  34. What band am I now listening to?
  35. What does my Donny Rovers brick say?
  36. What did I have for breakfast today?
  37. What time?
  38. HU YA LUVIN? (As in me)
  39. What earrings am I wearing?
  40. And who bought me them?

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