What Netball Position Are You?

What Netball Position Are You? Find out what netball position you are by answering our 12 questions. Share with all your friends and compare what results you get!

Ever wonder if you are playing in the wrong position?? Simple quiz to find out where you should be playing! Play Netball Social Leagues!

Created by: Play Netball
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How Fast Are You?
  2. Are You Tall?
  3. How Is Your Fitness?
  4. Why Do You Play Netball?
  5. How Do You Spend Your Weekends
  6. What is Your Dream Job?
  7. How Would Your Friends Describe You?
  8. What's Your Go-To Netball Outfit?
  9. Do You Work Well With Other Players?
  10. What Third Do You Prefer?

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Quiz topic: What Netball Position am I?