Netball; Which Position

NETBALL?? Are you really stuck wondering what position you should play?? This quiz should help you decide!! If I don't get your results right, I'm sorry!

GA WA WD GK GS GD C These are all positions in netball. Each position is very important, and there is a position that suits everybody. Please take my quiz!

Created by: Hayley
  1. Is running a strong point of yours?
  2. Do you have good aim?
  3. What are your thoughts on Jumping?
  4. Where do you think you work well?
  5. What would be your next favorite sport?
  6. How well do you work with others?
  7. Do you really think I could tell you what position to play?
  8. Is netball a passion?
  9. Are you a good defender?
  10. Thanks for taking this quiz!

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