The Position You Would Be In If You Were a Warrior Cat?

Think you know who you would be in your Warrior Cats World? Think again. This quiz tells you what you would be ranked in the Warriors World. What you get will determine your position and stop your wondering!

So, what are you? A leader? Maybe a Medicine Ct or an apprentice? Maybe you're something entirely different. Who knows? Just take this quiz to find out though! ^(O.O)^

Created by: WarriorCatLover613 of DawnClanWarriors
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You're fighting an enemy Clan, and you want to help. You:
  2. Two cats are dying: your best friend and your littermate. WHICH DO YOU SAVE?
  3. Your leader is on her last life, and nobody can save her, so you:
  4. Do you break the Warrior code purposely/ a lot?
  5. Which daily job do you like best?
  6. Your biggest fear on this list?
  7. Out of these cats, who would you most want to be your mate?
  8. Have you ever broken the Warrior Code?
  9. Which Clan would you be leader of if you started a new one?
  10. If you were a kittypet, what would your name be? (If you chose)

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