How Well Do You Know Warriors? ADVANCED

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There are many warriors fans in the world, but only a few of them have gone further and read and reread the greatest book series in the history of mankind. Do you know everything? Come here to find out!

Just a warning, a couple of these questions are pretty hard, so be ready! At the end, you will receive the result of Kittypet, Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Deputy, or Leader to see how much you know!

Created by: Winter Eclipse
  1. Let's start off easy. Who killed Oakheart?
  2. True or False: Every prophecy in the original series was about Firestar.
  3. Who did NOT give Firestar a life?
  4. What was Scourge's original name?
  5. Mothwing had two brothers. One was Hawkfrost. Who was the other?
  6. Are Graystripe and Tigerstar related?
  7. Who is Silverstream's brother?
  8. Who are the four people that write under the pen name Erin Hunter?
  9. Who are the two spirits that live in the tunnels?
  10. Which book mentions "The Lightning Strike" battle move?
  11. Who is the cat who switches gender twice?
  12. Who were Ashfur's apprentices?
  13. In what book did Poppyfrost, Honeyfern, and Cinderheart earn their warrior names?
  14. What is the error that occurred in the few paragraphs that Night Whispers and Fading Echoes shared?
  15. What kind of tree fell on Briarlight?
  16. Who are the first cats to ever train in the Dark Forest?
  17. What was special about the name Thistleclaw?
  18. Who was the first of the Tribe cats to die in the forest?
  19. True or False: Firestar was Fire Flame in reincarnation.
  20. What was Ivypool's first description?

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