The ultimate new warriors quiz try it!

Do you like the Warriors series? Do you want them to make more? Well I made a rough draft of my copy of a new Warriors book with all new places, clans, and cats!!!

So do read it, and if you like it please comment and I will bring you more!!!!! So please comment ! And if you don't want to comment then at least rate it!

Created by: Liana
  1. This is how the story starts... A powerful snowstorm was raging on the GreyCap mountains, causing rocks to topple down the mountain and crash into the land below. Yet two cats walked the rocky and treacherous slopes, slowly trudging against the wind. A small orange tabby cat, with green eyes as green as the Daylight Forest. He is from the SunForest clan, from deep within the forest. The orange tabby, SunBack, clawed against the wind, trying to keep up with the larger cat. The larger cat was SnowPaw, part of the SnowCap clan of the GreyCap mountains. Being used to the harsh winds and rocky terrain, SnowPaw walked on effortlessly.
  2. SunBack yowled at SnowPaw "SnowPaw, how much longer! My paws are frozen and I can't feel my tail!!" "first of all, you don't have a tail! You are born without one. And we still have to hike up past these two boulders." SnowPaw said coldly. "Yeah, yeah, but still IM COLD!" SunBack hissed. "That's because all your used to is the sun warming your back." "Well duh, why else would I be named SunBack!" SnowPaw stayed silent. SunBack shot him a dirty look but walked forward.
  3. The two cats finally reached the top of the last boulder. SunBack quickly ran to shelter under a boulder. SnowPaw hissed and told him to come back out. "We must keep going, unless you want to lose your hide for good!" SnowPaw yelled quietly, in like a harsh whisper. SunPaw, unsure of what was going on, listened to SnowPaw and followed him even higher up the mountain. After ten more minutes of walking, the two cats passed the clouds. The snow storm stopped and the sun was out, but it was bitterly cold. SunBack sat down and began to wash his fur. SnowPaw seemed to relax a little too, and layed down. "That was one of our roughest snowstorms that we've had in a while. Most cats would have freezes to death." SnowPaw said calmly. SunBack jerked and thought to himself, Icould have died, I could have been frozen! But suddenly, SunBack heard a crack and paws stepping over stones, he turned around and was face to face with another cat. It's muzzle met his and he backed off quickly. The cat who he guessed was a she seemed hurt, but tryed to hide it. I am ocean eyes. You must come with me.
  4. "What! Who are you?!?" SunBack screeched. "I am sorry I nuzzled you, it is just so good to see you. As I already said, I am OceanEyes, and yes, I am a girl." OceanEyes had deep blue eyes, truly the color of the ocean, and so grey that it looked blue fur. She had a bright and intelligent look in her eyes, yet SunBack believed she held many mysteries. Ocean Eyes opened her mouth and began to speak.
  5. SnowPaw attacked. He leaped forward and grabbed OceanEyes by the neck with his jaws. OceanEyes screamed and pawed him in the face. They rolled over and OceanEyes pinned him to the ground. But she was no match for SnowPaws strength. SnowPaw pushed and she toppled over. "SnowPaw! What are you doing! What is going on! Someone tell me!" SunBack meowed loudly. "Sur I would gladly tell you what is going on if you could get your rabid friend off of me!!!" OceanEyws hissed at SunBack. "SnowPaw! Get off of her!" SunBack commanded.SnowPaw obediently got off and laid down, hissing slightly under his breath. "SunBack, you are truly SeaWind, leader of the OceanSea clan. And I am your sister." Total cliffhanger!!!!
  6. To be continued... If you leave more comments and rate it more I'll do another one!!!!!
  7. Did you like this one please comment if you did
  8. So which is better, SnowPaw, or SeaWind/SunBack I don't know why they all start with s's
  9. Two
  10. All dome!

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