How Well Do You Know Warriors?

There are many people who claim "I'm the Warriors GOD! I know everything!" but are you really? Do you know every detail of each clan and cat? Are you familiar with each and every cats liking? Prove it!

ARE you a Warriors god? Thanks to this quiz you can see if you're the geek you think you are! The details of clans your going to want to know for this?

Created by: #MotionlessInWhite
  1. Ello Everyone, lets see how well you know the Warriors novels! Lets begin with an easy one, who was an original kittypet, but taken in by Bluestar in series 1, and has green eyes with a flame-colored pelt?
  2. Who has a silvery-blue pelt, blue eyes, had Moonflower as their mother, Stormtail as their father, and was sister to Snowfur, while also a previous leader to Thunderclan?
  3. Doing great so far! Next: Who in Power of Three had the ability to walk in other cat's dreams?
  4. Who is revealed to be Lionblaze's, Hollyleaf's, and Jayfeather's REAL parents?
  5. Who did Graystripe love in Riverclan? What was the name of his two kits?
  6. Who died in the mountains while the CHOSEN ones made the journey, who named themselves after this cat?
  7. Which of these describes Thunderclan?
  8. Which of these best describes RIVERclan?
  9. Which of these describes WINDclan?
  10. Which of these describes STARclan?
  11. Which of these describes SHADOWclan?
  12. What was the rogue clan of mostly kittypets, which aided Tigerstar during Tigerclan, and battled Lionclan, and was the most murderous clan?
  13. I'm sorry this is taking long, but there's still more questions! What do Riverclan eat?
  14. Find the one statement that's true in these timelines of leaders!
  15. Who were the kin of Tigerstar?
  16. What was the apprentice's name that WAS CHOSEN FOR, and went on the quest for midnight?
  17. What was midnight?
  18. What was the name of the group of cats living in the mountains?
  19. So so Srry this is taking long! True or False: Tigerstar was the leader of Lionclan.
  20. True or false: Leafpool and Mistyfoot were two of the many cats captured by twolegs.
  21. You're doing absolutely awesome, almost over! True or False: Sorreltail's mate was Brackenfur, and one of her kits died.
  22. Who was Firestars kittypet friend?
  23. LAST ONE!!! CONGRATS!!! Easiest question yet, what was Firestar's kittypet name?

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