What Cheerleading Position is Right for YOU??

Of all of the cheer positions, have you ever wondered what one you are best for? Maybe you should be a base, or possibly even a tumbler, in any case you are probably perfect for one position or another!

Do you cheer? Ever wonder if you are in the best position for YOU? This quiz uses your personality, skills, and physical attributes to precisely calculate the perfect position for you!

Created by: flyer586
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  1. Can you do splits?
  2. Can you do a straddle split?
  3. How strong are you?
  4. Can you do Round Offs?
  5. About how tall are you?
  6. About how much do you weigh?
  7. Can you do a back handspring?
  8. Are you Balanced?
  9. How do people describe you?
  10. Are you afraid of heights?
  11. How many of these can you do? Heel stretch, scorpion, Bow-n-arrow, Cupie, liberty, arabesque.
  12. What is/was your cheer position?

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