What Is Your Football Position?

Football is the most unique sports when it comes to the diversity of each positions. It is very rare that someone can excel at two at the same level due to that diversity.

Knowing what position you can excel at can be very important when it comes to playing football. The difference between the wrong position and right position can be huge. That is why you're taking this quiz.

Created by: Brent
  1. What is your 40 yard dash time?
  2. How heavy are you compared to others?
  3. How strong are you?
  4. How tall are you?
  5. If you have played on offense before, what was your position?
  6. If you have played on defense before, what was your position?
  7. How aggressive are you when you play?
  8. What is your best quality?
  9. What side of the ball do you want to be on most?
  10. What position do you think you will get? (does not count)

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Quiz topic: What Is my Football Position?