What's my best football position?

This quiz came about from a mixture of boredom and a genuine interst in football. It's only a bit of fun but I am curious to see what kind of results come out of it.

If this works, it will be able to tell if you are best suited as a brutish, tough, old-school defender who is up for any battle or a fast, tricky winger who likes to make a fool of said defender (and everything in between).

Created by: Gary K
  1. Which of these current players would you most compare yourself to?
  2. Which of these former players would you most compare yourself to?
  3. Which of these past legends would you most compare yourself to?
  4. What is your favourite squad number?
  5. What winning score from this list would you prefer your team's match to be?
  6. You have to ball at your feet with an oppostion player closing you down, do you...
  7. It's 1-1 in a cup match with 5 minutes left before extra time and your team have one sub left. You are team captain and the gaffer asks for your opinion on what (if any) change to make. You say...
  8. A tricky opposition player is running at you with the ball, do you...
  9. Which of these attributes, in your opinion, is most important for a footballer?
  10. Who is the most 'complete' footballer of all time (passing, tackling, heading, shooting etc)?

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