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This quiz tests your understanding of the laws of the game including the most recent 2019/20 law changes by IFAB. It is a good test for all the stakeholders in the football family; players, coaches, fans, federation officials and the referees as it ensures that you are familiar and up-to-date with the laws of football. That way we help in improving the standard and quality of football around the world.

Your understanding, your enjoyment! People enjoy more what they understand well. That is the reason why information like this has been channelled to reach you; information like this is all over the internet, yet press debate it over tv units, radios, among others. Let's appreciate this effort and, replicate it so that football can go miles higher in terms of its quality.

Created by: Refjak of Laws of the game (LOTG) quizzes
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  1. State the number of players of one team below which a match may be abandoned.
  2. A player other than the goal handled the ball in his penalty area to divert over the goal line a ball that was going into the goal. What was the right decision for this if the ball was directly from a teammate's throw in?
  3. It's a careless foul to an attacker on the penalty arc by the goal keeper, the only hope to save them from conceeding a goal. The referee
  4. A substitute enters the field of play and touches the ball with his hand. What decision should the referee make?
  5. State the number of defending players that may make up a wall at a free kick.
  6. Team A captain wins the coin toss to begin a match. Depending on team A, team B may
  7. The ball has gone out of play over the goal line. A player violently strikes an opponent. The referee
  8. An attacker dribbled past the goal keeper and was left with only the goals ahead of him. The goal keeper grabbed and pulled him so he let go of the ball. The ball rolled out of the field of play over the goal line just a a metre wide from the goalpost. The referee
  9. When the ball hits the referee or the assistant referees and remains in the field of play, the referee always let's play to continue.
  10. A player who curves infield from an Offside position to block a defending player so that his onside teammate can win and play the ball may

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