Sand Creek Cheerleading

Do you think you know a lot about cheerleading? Do you think you know how much it takes to be a cheerleader? Take this quiz to find out just how much you DO know about the hard work put into cheerleading. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know your cheerleading facts? Find out what a chant is, who a flyer is, what is cheer etiquette, and when cheerleading was first started in this quiz. Will you make Varsity or be stuck on Junior High?

Created by: Courtney

  1. How many U.S. Presidents have been cheerleaders?
  2. The person lifed into the air in a stunt is called?
  3. What is the main job of a base?
  4. What is a chant?
  5. What is a Liberty?
  6. When was the first cheer used at a college football game?
  7. When two cheer teams are at one game who is to intoduce themselves?
  8. How many cheerleaders are on the Varsity SC cheer team (Including Coach)?
  9. When was the first cheer team formed in the U.S?
  10. What was the first pom-pom made of?
  11. Where was the first Homecoming held?
  12. When was Competition Cheer formed?

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