What Element Are You?

In this quix, you will get a reading of what TWO elements you are most like. This is good if you ever play a video game or RP where you need to choose an element.

If you get the following combinations, youll also do well with... Earth and Wind is Sand. Earth and Water is Mud/Forest. Earth and Fire is Lava. Water and Wind is Storm/Lightning. Water and Fire is Steam/Acid. Water and Earth is Ice. Wind and Fire is Smoke. Wind and Earth is Sand. Wind and Water is Lightning. Fire and Earth is Explosives/Lava. Fire and Water is Acid. Fire and Wind is Heat.

Created by: Ricky Infinity
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  1. You and your friends are deciding on a place to go for vacation.
  2. You got outvoted. Their going to a place you didnt suggest
  3. So, you end up going anyway. The car ride is long, but the car is comfortable. Somebody starts adjusting the iPod thats plugged to the car, and its a song you dont like at all.
  4. Along the ride, they decide to make a stop soon. Where?
  5. After your stop, you and your friends get back moving, and eventually it hits dark.
  6. The next day, you arrive at the place. It turns out its not that bad actually. You all check into a hotel and then leave to go to the first stop.
  7. As youre going to the roller coasters (whether this was your first stop or not, you go eventually) you see a really hot chick/guy looking at you.
  8. So, an hour later, your friends are at their favorite ride, and you and your date are eating.
  9. Its time for the place to shut down.
  10. And now, of course, a monster attacks.
  11. And you discover your power, finally. You can manipulate lava!

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Quiz topic: What Element am I?