Fun mathematics quiz

I have created this fun maths quiz. I think it is different to any I have seen before. This is the first quiz I have created so I hop eyou enjoy it. Here is an example of the types of questions that appear in the quiz The number of lives a cat is said to have x The number of dwarfs in Snow white

Will you go to the top of the class with 100%, try my fun quiz and see how well you do. Rememeber it's just for fun so don't get all depressed if you get a poor result. Take my quiz and see how much of a mathematical whizz you are.

Created by: Kelly

  1. The number of Griffins in family guy x the number of legs on a spider
  2. (The number of days in three weeks/ the channel you watch coronation street on)+the number of degrees in a right angle
  3. This number is considered unlucky + the number of the green ball in snooker+the number of minutes in 5 hours
  4. (The number of members in take that x the number of vowels
  5. The number of Ladies Dancing in the song the twelve days of christmas x the year the titanic sank
  6. I have £22.44 I buy 6 stamps at 37p each and a sandwhich costing £1.75 how much money do I have left
  7. The year Lindsey Lohan was born - the year Madonna was born
  8. (11pm on a 24 hour clock x the number the letters JKL are on a mobile phone keypad)+the number of zodiac signs
  9. On a farm there are 3 cows, 6 sheep, 2 horses, and 9 pigs how many legs are there
  10. If it costs £15 pound to hire a church hall for an hour how much would it cost to hire it for 4 hours

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