Roseanne TV Show

This quiz is about the television show that changed history known as Roseanne. There are 15 mind boggling questions that will only be answered correctly by a true fan like me.

This quiz is not easy nor medium. This quiz is hard depending on who is taking this quiz. I have seen every episode of this show at least three times and even I had a hard time figuring out the answer to my own questions! Good luck!

Created by: John Worthington

  1. When is the only episode where the back of Roseanne and Dan's bedroom is shown?
  2. When Roseanne and Dan were seniors in high school, was Jackie a...
  3. What episode did the Conner's finally get a dishwasher?
  4. Where did Roseanne find DJ at the bowling alley in the episode "Lover's Lane"?
  5. How old was Roseanne when she said she got her period?
  6. What was the name of Stacey's blind date in the episode "Single Married Female"?
  7. What is the correct order of all the children from oldest to youngest according to age.
  8. How many more years was Roseanne older than Jackie?
  9. What was Crystal's grandmother's name?
  10. What episode did Roseanne state the network loved?
  11. What season was number one in the nielsen ratings?
  12. What was the final episode that Crystal appeared in?
  13. In the episode "Another Mouth To Shut up", what is the last word in David's alibi to hide the fact that he was in shock of Darlene's pregnancy?
  14. In "Roseambo" what word does Bev say in Mark's game?
  15. Who wrote the quote that appeared on the screen in the very last episode?

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