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Are you here to seek adventure, brave one? Your chance has come. Undertake a dangerous quest to a fortress where your prize awaits - the fabled gauntlet of legend. With it, your strength will be unmatched, and your skills greatly enhanced. Find it, and you will be acknowledged as the warrior of legend. But beware! Along the way there will be dangers and foes that you must conquer to reach the fortress. Will you dare embark on the quest, or will you withdraw?

Inspired by various RPGs. I do not find many of these in quiz form, so I thought by making one I will have a better idea of the demand for these kind of RPGs. Your feedback is appreciated so I can see where I should go with this. And if this RPG is well-received, I will make a sequel to it.

Created by: Scuttlist

  1. Come forth, adventurer. Choose your character class - wish you be a fighter, a mage, or a rogue?
  2. Choose your weapon. Make your choice wisely - it may mean the difference between life and death!
  3. You are given a chance to boost one of your stats. Which one will it be?
  4. Your quest begins! As you journey to the outskirts of town an old man asks you to buy a talisman, which you do not know the use of. Do you buy it?
  5. You come to a deserted rock wall. There seems to be no possible way to get to the other side, until you notice a small mouse hole at the base of the wall. A flask of silver swirling liquid is placed in front of it, with a label saying "Drink me".
  6. You manage to get past the wall. Now you find yourself in a seemingly endless jungle, with no sense of where to go. As you look up at the sky you realise that it is dusk and night is approaching. What is your next action?
  7. Halfway through the night, you hear a strange roaring noise that seems to be coming towards you.
  8. You find a first-aid kit along the way. Now you are able to boost one of your stats again. Which will you boost?
  9. You move on until you reach a stone fortress. It looks heavily secured, with thick stone walls surrounding it. There appears to be nobody around. Dare you enter?
  10. As you approach the entrance of the fortress you feel a force pulling you into it. Before you can escape, you are pulled into the fortress and the gates close with a loud slam. You look around, but nobody shows up.
  11. You come face to face with a large wolf. Looking back at where you entered, you see that the gates are hopelessly shut. You...
  12. You manage to escape and now are in the second level of the fortress. There are many treasures and gold coins around you.
  13. As you set foot forward you feel your feet being gripped by a downward force. You are rooted to the ground and unable to move. It's a trap!
  14. The green dragon appears near you. Just then, your legs are free to move again.
  15. You spot the prized gauntlet on the dragon's claws. But you have no time to think any further as the dragon attacks! You feel that this is near the end of your quest...

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