Who Would You Be In A Fantasy Quest

Ever wonder what would happen if you were called to help save the world? What part would you play? Would you be the staunch hero, the loyal sidekick, the wise mage, the shady outsider . . . or would you be the Dark Lord himself?

Follow the quest mapped out for you in this quiz in order to find out! Make sure to answer the questions truthfully, even if you think you can guess what a certain answer will result in. This will be much more satsifying if you get the character you actually would be. Have fun, be safe, and may the stars shine upon your road!

Created by: Vivi

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  1. An important message is being delivered to you. Where are you?
  2. "You are meant to help save the world."
  3. You can only bring one weapon. What would it be?
  4. You start out on your quest. The first thing you come across is an innocent-looking inn. You:
  5. In the middle of the night you are woken up by the sound of screams. Dragons have raided the village and the inn is on fire. You:
  6. After escaping the dragons, you run into the woods where one of your friends is caught in a goblin booby trap. You:
  7. You reach a safe haven where all your wants and needs are met obligingly by angelic folk. What is it you decide to pass your free time doing?
  8. You reach the final stretch in your journey. The fortress of the dark lord must be infiltrated, but only one of you can go. You believe you should be the one to go and you explain this to the others by saying:
  9. While you are arguing, the dark lord and his minions come to finish you off. You:
  10. What do you imagine happening to you at the end of the quest?

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