What Position Are You Good At in Lacrosse?

Hello, my name's Kelsey. I've been playing lacrosse for 4 years. I play many other sports, but lacrosse is my favorite, and I'm best at it. I'm devoted to it, and I love it. I play midfielder.

That paragraph was a little one about me. This one will be about the quiz. This quiz will tell if you should play/continue to play midfield, defense, offense, goalie, or not continue to play/join. Thank you.

Created by: Kelsey
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you overweight? Does this effect how fast you move?
  2. What position do you play now (if you play)?
  3. Do you scream "got ball" at the other team, play great defense, stop goals, and are you great at checking?
  4. Can you shoot goals and are you great at running?
  5. Are you good at being a goalie?
  6. Do you like defense AND offense?
  7. Can you catch balls well?
  8. Do you get tired easily?
  9. What is your favorite position?
  10. Which position do YOU think your best at?(btw the gender question does NOT effect score)
  11. Which position does your coach think you're best at?
  12. Do you love and are you committed to lacrosse?
  13. How often do you practice lacrosse?

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Quiz topic: What Position am I Good At in Lacrosse?