How much do you know about lacrosse?

Do you know a lot about the history of lacrosse? Well see how much you know with this quiz. See if you have a clever mind or if you need to try something else. Open this quiz and find out if you are good with you lax facts. LAX FACTS. LEARN THEM.

Do YOU have the knowledge to pass this test? You can only wonder if you can. Take this quiz and find out. Find out if you know what you should know about the history of lacrosse.

Created by: Zach

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  1. Who was the first to invent lacrosse?
  2. Who invented lacrosse?
  3. What three sports is lacrosse a combination of?
  4. What state fielded the nation's first lacrosse team in 1877?
  5. What year was the first girls lacrosse game?
  6. Since 1999, youth lacrosse has grown over ______?
  7. The native americans used lacrosse to _______.
  8. To the native americans, lacrosse is called ________.
  9. Who set the rules for lacrosse?
  10. What did the native americans use as balls?
  11. What did the native americans use for equiptment?
  12. What did the native americans use as mesh?
  13. Why was lacrosse banned in some areas in 1900?
  14. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about lacrosse?