MA State History Quiz part 2

This is part two of my Massachusetts State History Quiz. It contains a lot of trivia and fun facts about my state. It is not hard to get a high score, you may even learn something.

This is part of a Social Studies assignment for ninth grade. I thought this would be more fun than creating a board game. I hope I can get a good grade, and give my teacher a laugh.

Created by: erik
  1. 1. MA capitol building has a dome that is gilded with what?
  2. 2. During WWII, the capitol dome was painted what color to conceal it as a target?
  3. 3. What monument honors the single most bloody battle of the Revolutionary War?
  4. 4. What is the largest public library in the US?
  5. 5. Where is the basketball hall of fame?
  6. 6. At what church did Paul Revere tell three patriots to hang the lanterns, "one if by land, two if by sea"?
  7. 7.What famous writer made Walden Pond his home?
  8. 8. This light station was deemed more of a hazard than a harbor entrance?
  9. 9. The USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned war ship in the Navy, is also known as?
  10. 10. What is the oldest surviving timber frame house in North America?
  11. 11. What is the oldest operating carousel in America?
  12. 12. The Hancock House in Lexington MA is where _______ and _________stayed before the battle of Lexington and Concord?
  13. What is the oldest restaurant in the US?
  14. 14. What church is honored as one of the ten most significant buildings in the United States?
  15. 15. What is the oldest public beach in the US?
  16. Who was the first governor of Massachusetts?
  17. Who was the governor of Massachusetts in 2007?
  18. What was Massachusetts the first state to abolish?
  19. Who was the first Female Governor in Massachussetts?
  20. Who was the first Massachusetts resident to be elected President?
  21. What number was MA to join the union?
  22. The MA constitution was ratified in 1780, nine years before the US constitution was adopted. This makes it?
  23. Legally, Massachusetts is called a Commonwealth because?
  24. What are three branches of government in MA?
  25. The capitol is referred to as?
  26. Who is Crispis Atticks?
  27. The MA legislature is composed of two houses; what are they are called ?
  28. The House and Senate are often referred to as?
  29. Who is the first African-American Governor of MA?
  30. MA ratified the US Constitution only under the condition that certain amendments concerning individual rights were added. These conditions were added under what?

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