MA State History Quiz part 3

Here is part three of my MA State History Quiz. It contains Massachusetts trivia. This test should be extemely easy. but you may actually learn something.

This is an assignment for ninth grade Social Studies. I thought this would be less boring than watching me play a dumb old board game. I had a few laughs making it, I hope you have a few laughs taking it.

Created by: erik
  1. He organized the Boston Tea Party
  2. She fought for womens rights in the 1800's:
  3. He was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence:
  4. A famous Poet from Massachusetts:
  5. Founded The American Red Cross:
  6. An inventor who helped write the Declaration of Independence:
  7. Famous childrens author and illustrater from Massachusetts:
  8. Americas second President:
  9. This is a 20th century President whose life was tragically cut short:
  10. This inventor of the telephone came from Massachusetts
  11. This famous artist painted the Four Freedoms, and Rosie the Riveter
  12. These Oscar winning actors starred in Good Will Hunting lived in Massachusetts.
  13. This famous comedian and actor is the star of "The Office" sitcom.
  14. Rock band Aerosmith guitarist:
  15. Known criminal wanted for racketeering, murder (18 counts):
  16. What is the MA state bird?
  17. What is the lead farmed crop in the state of MA?
  18. What are the two largest populated cities/towns in MA?
  19. What year did Massachusetts enter the Union?
  20. In what town/city is the famed Harvard University located?
  21. What is the historical landmark that one could find at Pilgrim Memorial State Park?
  22. In 1897, Boston was first to build this form of transportation in the US.
  23. In 1891 the first game of what sport was played in Springfield, MA?
  24. What is the longest river in Massachusetts?
  25. What is the name for the area of towns on the Massachusetts coast lines?
  26. In The late 1700s in Salem, many women were killed because they were thought to be what?
  27. The "shots heard around the world" were actually heard where?
  28. What are the two famous off shore islands in Massachusetts?
  29. Which city/ town has the nickname Beantown?
  30. This was the first public park in America :

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