How Pennsylvania are You?

Just how well do you know the Keystone State? You might now what a State store is, but Wawa? Joe Pa is the coach, but where is Penn State? Take this quiz to find out if you can go down the shore.

Yeungling and Tastykakes are not part of this quiz, but other food stuff is. Where is the capital and what is the right way to say that hyphenated city in the Northeast?

Created by: The Geek
  1. What's the capital of Pennsylvania
  2. How do you pronounce the Nickname of the Philadelphia Football team?
  3. The Pittsburgh Football team is pronounced how?
  4. What exactly is a Pierogi?
  5. What is a Wawa?
  6. What makes a Philadelphia Cheese-steak a Cheesesteak?
  7. What is the proper name of Downtown Philadelphia?
  8. What's the proper name of Downtown Pittsburgh?
  9. What's the proper pronunciation of Wilkes-Barre?
  10. What's the main ingredient in a shoo-fly pie?
  11. Where is Penn State located at?

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Quiz topic: How Pennsylvania am I?