How Pennsylvania Are You?

This is my Pennsylvania. Its a place that I lived for may years and love dearly. Have you experienced it the way me and my master panel of Pennsylvanians have? Find out by taking this quiz.

Hey, Are you from Pennsylvania? Are you a true Pennsylvanian? Or would you even last five minutes in the good old keystone state? Pa may have some cities, but its mostly woods and rocks. Come see of you cane fit it, take the quiz.

Created by: Paul
  1. Can you spell Pennsylvania with out thinking about it for more than 20 seconds?
  2. Have you ever come home drunk and fallen asleep on your dinning room table?
  3. Have you ever driven down the road and shot at road signs?
  4. Have you ever burnt carpet, and gotten high off of it?
  5. Has a friend ever slipped acid in your bottle of faygo and gone to the movies?
  6. Have you ever heard of faygo.
  7. Have you ever dated a bi girl/boy?
  8. Have you ever stumbled around a party, and had a friend say to you "hey, drink that beer, we don't waste here"
  9. Have you ever been pulled over by some one who graduated the year before you?
  10. Have you ever shot at/shot/ or stabed a friend who was being an jack ass?
  11. Do most of the people you know drive a vehicle that is no longer stock?
  12. Have you ever bummed a smoke off you highschool security guard?
  13. Have ever got a standing ovation for drinking a nasty drink at lunch in highschool?
  14. Do you know more that one person that works at Walmart?
  15. Do you know what a Walmart super-center is?
  16. Have you hung out at a Walmart for more than 2 hours?
  17. Have you driven on rout 80 more that 3 times in 1 day?
  18. Have you ever screamed, "don't touch him, that's my duschbag!!"
  19. Do you see Amish on a regular basis?
  20. Do you get off for the first day of deer season?
  21. Have you ever wanted a crack addict monkey to do battle with?
  22. Have you ever been forced to dress in drag because you lost a bet.
  23. Do you think this quiz reflects your life in any way shape or form?

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Quiz topic: How Pennsylvania am I?