Are you from the Palmetto State

There are lots of people who are trully passionate about where they come from. Are you a born native, is your favorite college there, or do you simply just love the history of that one state. Test yourself about the sate of South Carolina.

What does it mean to be a true South Carolinian? Do you really know it's history and culture? Come take this quiz and see if you really have some knowledge about this "lesser known" state.

Created by: Thai

  1. Who is the Gov. of South Carolina?
  2. What is the capital of South Carolina?
  3. What famous singer is from South Carolina?
  4. What year did South Carolina become a state?
  5. What is the state bird?
  6. Which one of the two states border South Carolina?
  7. The first battle of the Cival War took place at Fort Sumter. What city is it in?
  8. What is on the South Carolina Flag?
  9. What are the mascots of USC and Clemson?
  10. The capital building that is standing today is the orginal building?

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Quiz topic: Am I from the Palmetto State