What's Your Game?

What are your actions motivated by? Do you evade, confront, pursue, or seek your victim? Is there a desire or burning need in your heart? Find out about how you interact, and how people around you will read you. Note: This quiz does not concern gaming in any way. When I write "game", I mean mind games.

There is no right or wrong answer. There are five possible outcomes about your style and choice of actions. So if you're ready, sit back...and the quiz commences.

Created by: Scuttlist
  1. How would you feel if someone talked endlessly, but you never get the point of what they are saying?
  2. What would you say are the main motives of your actions?
  3. What is your greatest weakness out of these options?
  4. Do you hold grudges?
  5. What is your strength?
  6. Would you deem yourself as capable of killing?
  7. And what would be your reason for killing?
  8. How would you respond if a salesperson tried to advertise something over the phone? (assuming you are not interested in their product)
  9. How do you feel about puns?
  10. What is your favourite phrase out of these options?
  11. And this quiz is finished. For now. Thanks for taking it! I would appreciate it if you left some feedback so I can improve on it. See you in the comments.

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Quiz topic: What's my Game?