MacBeth Personality Test

People... are complicated. Sometimes your gut reaction is at odds with what you later know is the right thing to do. A person's personality often depends on what your immediate reactions are. And the way our personalities interact has a massive impact on our day to day lives.

In Shakespeare's MacBeth, character's actions under high stress situations impact the plot in rapid and often evolving ways. People make mistakes, make impulsive actions, or simply wait too long and suffer the consequences. The following quiz will tell you what character you're closest to at this moment.

Created by: Nate Hopkins
  1. Some weird person prophecies that you have a great destiny before you. You see evidence that at least some of their prophecies immediately come true. Which answer is closer to your own?
  2. There's dirty work needs doing. It will be physically, spiritually, and mentally draining. Which is your reaction?
  3. Which of these do you feel should take priority over the others in a crisis?
  4. What seems like the worst consequence for a bad action to you?
  5. Someone betrays you. What is closer to your reaction?
  6. Which complaint do you sympathize with the most?
  7. Which future sounds more important to you?
  8. When under a lot of pressure, what are you more likely to do?
  9. When you know that you're going to lose, what do you more often do?
  10. If you're in a relationship, who's in charge?

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