What percent of you is like Macbeth?

We all know Macbeth. Now it is time to find out whether any of us relate to him or not. He was ambitious and brave, but also easily manipulated. That is why Lady Macbeth took advantage of him for her personal greed. But it does not mean Macbeth was not greedy. He was not particularly happy with his murderous rampage. It turned him from a heroic-figure to a guilty, overambitious man. He chose to commit the murders which led to his destruction. He chose to listen to the witches, who were nothing but a mere reflection of his desires.

Many people may have influenced him, but he chose his own downfall. He made a great name for himself and at the same time led to his own destruction. He let his achievements get to his head and back-stabbed the same people that brought him to his great status.

Created by: macbeth

  1. If a friend forced you into fighting with an innocent person, you would:
  2. You decide to go to a party on a Friday night, you would:
  3. You are walking home from work one night and on your way back you meet a fortune teller. You would:
  4. If you were placed as CEO of the company you worked for, what extent would you go to maintain that?
  5. What are your thoughts on fame and success?
  6. Your school holds an awards ceremony at the end of each year and you were expected to receive one of them but you don't, your 3 best friends continually remind you about how unfair it was that you didn't win, you:
  7. You move to a new school district and and your new friends tell you a shorter way of walking back home compared to your usual route, even though you are not sure and the road looks alienated you:
  8. You are at the mall with your best friend and you both see something you have been meaning to buy for a while. Your friend persuades you that it is ok to steal it and no one will find out. You resist but feel tempted as your friend puts more pressure on you. At the you:
  9. Your mom gives you $20 to buy some groceries. You end up spending $13. What do you tell your mom?
  10. Among friends you preferred to be called:

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