How well do you know �Storage Wars� ?

this is a quiz that will test all of your brain but it is not like a smart test like last quiz i posted but a quiz to prove that you are one of the many storage wars fans

if you are truly a storage wars fan in a couple of minutes you will be able to prove that you are one but when you are done please comment and rate because that would help me alot, thanks!

Created by: Creation123

  1. What is Dave`s last name?
  2. Who is "the gambler"?
  3. Who is "the collector"?
  4. Who is "the mogul"?
  5. What does dave usually yell when he is bidding people up?
  6. are you allowd to buy real cars from storage units
  7. What does darrell call "the wild factor"?
  8. are Jarrod and Brandi married?
  9. What is Brandi`s last name
  10. how many children do Brandi and Jarrod have?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know �Storage Wars� ?