Original Star Wars Trilogy 1977-83

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So you think you know everything about the original Star Wars trilogy? In this quiz you will find some brain taxing questions to test your Jedi Knowledge.

Do you have the Knowledge to go to the Jedi Academy? Until now you could only wonder. Take this Star Wars Quiz and in moments you will find out if you have got what it takes!

Created by: JD
  1. What make is Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder?
  2. Who played Garouf Lafoe, who informed the Stormtroopers of the skirmish in the Cantina at Mos Eisley?
  3. Who assisted George Lucas during the casting process for Star Wars?
  4. In the Imperial briefing Room on the Death Star, who is the odd one out?
  5. How many Academy Award Nominations did Star Wars Receive?
  6. Who played General Willard, the officer who greets Princess Leia at Yavin IV Base
  7. Who, according to C3PO was the droid's previous master?
  8. How do Sandpeople ride on their banthas?
  9. How many sentry ships attack the Millennium Falcon when it escapes the Death Star?
  10. Who is the first to say 'I have a bad feeling about this' in STAR WARS?
  11. What was the surgeon droid's assistant called?
  12. What was the name of Wedge's gunner in the Hoth battle?
  13. How many AT-AT walkers did the Rebel troops see on the north ridge advancing on the Hoth base?
  14. What did Yoda cook for Luke?
  15. What was the primary industry of Cloud City?
  16. Which Star Destroyer was under Captain Needa's command?
  17. What course did the Falcon take entering the asteroid field?
  18. When the Falcon's crew floated away with the Star Destroyer's garbage, what system was the ship in?
  19. How often did the Falcon's crew try to engage the hyperdrive and fail?
  20. What sector of the Rebel base and in what direction was the Probot moving in?
  21. The 2 four-note horn blasts (short-short-short-long, call-and-reply) used by the Ewoks to signal their attack to rescue Han and the rebels from the imperials on Endor is the same clarion call used by the Hebrews to signal their exit from Egypt in "The Ten Commandments".
  22. What member of the crew makes an uncredited cameo as the Imperial officer in the bunker who shouts "Freeze!" and is subsequently knocked into the generator room by a thrown satchel.
  23. How many Star Destroyers escorted Darth Vader's flagship while Han tried to land his shuttle on Endor?
  24. What is the Ewok medicine man's name?
  25. The name "Ewok" is never used to refer to the teddy-bear creatures in the film, though it does appear in the credits.
  26. Who fired the final shots that destroyed the second Death Star's reactor?
  27. How much does Boushh want for Chewbacca?
  28. Who are the three members from the original Max Rebo Band?
  29. Who said, "It seems you are to be the main course at a banquet in my favor."?
  30. Where does the Rebel Fleet amass before the attack on the new Death Star?

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