The Star Wars Quiz (Original Trilogy Part 2)

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OH MY GOODNESS! Deadlock has finally gotten off his lazy A** and posted Part 2 Electric Boogaloo! Well yes I have captain obvious! Thanks for that observation! I do hope the 2 Of You That have taken my Justice League Quiz Enjoy this. (Shout Out To Confederate And That Other Guy for playing my stuff!)

And for Those Of you asking! Wait! This isnt the full Original Trilogy! What The Heck Deadlock? Well Ill get to that soon. Or in a month like this one. In Like Oversimplified History, I do it when I want. (Check him out on Youtube BTW!) (This is not a Sponsership!) (I did this by myself!)

Created by: Deadlock
  1. What Is the Name Of The CR-90 Corvette That Princess Leia used to get to Tatooine?
  2. Why was Darth Vader Chasing The Tantive IV?
  3. Who did Princess Leia give the Death Star Plans to After the Tantive IV was boarded?
  4. To what planet did R2 and 3PO escape to?
  5. Why did R2 And 3PO split up when they landed on Tatooine?
  6. What race of people captured R2 and 3PO?
  7. Who is R5-D5?
  8. Why did R5-D5 malfunction, according to Disney's new Cannon?
  9. According to Disney's new Cannon, is R5-D5 Force sensitive?
  10. Who Bought R2 And 3PO?
  11. What Did Owen Tell Luke Skywalker to do With The Droids?
  12. Why did R2 Leave the lar's homestead?
  13. When Luke and 3PO go out to find R2, who is it that saves them from the Tusken Raiders?
  14. What is Ben Kenobi's Real Name?
  15. Where does Ben and Co. go to get a ship to Alderaan?
  16. Who Provides Ben and Co. with A Ship?
  17. What is the Name Of Han Solo's Ship?
  18. What does Gramd Moff Tarkin do to demonstrate the power of the Death Star?
  19. What did Luke think the Death Star Was?
  20. Why did Han And Luke Disguise themselves as stormtroopers?
  21. Who does Ben Kenobi Fight on the Death Star?
  22. Why did Han, Luke, Chewie, and Leia go down a Garbage shoot.
  23. Who died while on the Death Star?
  24. How did the Empire Find the Hidden Rebel Base?
  25. What were the 2 Squadrons Of X-Wings And Y-Wings That attacked the Death Star called?
  26. Who fired the shot that Blew up The Death Star?

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