Do you know about Star Wars?

Do you think you know about George Lucas's Saga? Do you have what it takes to complete this quiz? This Quiz contains questions about Star Wars, can you answer them all correctly?

Star Wars is the 6-episode saga, whose first movie was released in 1977, being what is now known as "A New Hope", later came "The Empire Strikes back" and "Return of the Jedi", which made the Original Triology.

Created by: Xavier883

  1. What is the Name of Darth Maul's Brother?
  2. What's Luke's Son's Name?
  3. Where are the Wookies from?
  4. What specie is Bib Fortuna?
  5. Which of the following species is Jedi Mind Trick-Resistant?
  6. What does ABY stand for?
  7. Who is Kit Fisto's Apprentice?
  8. Which of these Planets is Fake?
  9. Which planet was the 1st victim of Death Star 1?
  10. Who (else from the rebels) Survived the Battle of Carkoon
  11. When was Darth Marr Born?
  12. Which of these planets does NOT have sarlacci?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about Star Wars?