How much do you love Star Wars?

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How well do you really know Star Wars? Consider yourself a fan? Are you ready to complete your jedi training? It's time to find out. May the force be with you...

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Created by: The Geek
  1. How many death stars did the Empire build?
  2. Who was the commander of the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope?
  3. In what year was A New Hope first released?
  4. Which of these actors credited as featuring in all 6 Star Wars films?
  5. The Empire destroyed which planet in A New hope?
  6. The Ewoks lived on which planet in Return of the Jedi?
  7. Bobo Fett and Jango Fett were:
  8. Anakin Sykwalker is injured during a duel with Obi Wan on which planet?
  9. The same actor planned the Emperor in the newer films as in Return of the Jedi:
  10. Which of these ships does not feature in the Star Wars films?
  11. Princess Leia's mother was:
  12. Which colour lightsaber was not used by a (good) jedi in the Star Wars films?
  13. Who will direct Episode 7?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love Star Wars?