Do you REALLY love Star Wars? By PawPrint101

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Lots of people say they love Star Wars. But do they REALLY?! Do YOU?! How much on a scale of Love it - Hate it. Take my quiz to find out! Go on! It's a couple clicks away!

This is a great quiz! So take it! It doesn't have much of my usual Quiz Humor but us has some. If you think you're a MEGA STAR WARS FREAK, find out now!

Created by: PawPrint101
  1. How much does jar jar Binks suck?
  2. How much do you watch Star Wars?
  3. Where did/would you( depending on ur age) meet the love of your life?
  4. Star Wars is...
  5. Who is your hero?
  6. What do you want most of all?
  7. Star Wars is a...
  8. If you had three wishes, they would be...
  9. Will you rate and comment? No effect
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY love Star Wars? By PawPrint101