test your space knowledge

We all live on this floating rock called earth in this giant thing called the universe. Test your knowledge on just how much you think you know about space!!!

Think you've got what it takes to Pass my space quiz???? Come see how much you really know about outer space!!!well you may be in for quite a surprise!

Created by: paige

  1. Our moon is...
  2. In space, can you hear sound that is...
  3. If you could put Saturn in a giant glass of water, because of its density would it...
  4. Any free moving liquid in space will form into a...
  5. which is the only planet in our solar system that rotates in the opposite direction?
  6. which country was the first to reach space?
  7. which planet rotates like a barrel on its side?
  8. which was the first man made object in space?
  9. heres an easy one, what is the name of our galaxy?
  10. are we located in the center of our galaxy?

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Quiz topic: Test my space knowledge