Animal Universe cat quiz

Animal Universe is a coming soon Sci-fi series about anthropomorphic animals, called Animalians. There are two divisions to Animal Universe: Gold and Kitten Tri-Force. Gold is a series about an Animalian-Jaguar fire berserker named Twila. Twila's mission is to stop her fellow Animalians from attacking earth. Kitten Tri-Force is about Twila's younger sister, Kitty Carlyle. Kitty's mission is to stop the destructive comet heading straight for Grammar Planet.

Who would you be if you were an Animalian? You could be Rogue, a traitor to the Animalians, or Crane. Maybe you're Zombie or Soldier guy. Thanks to Sigma, Twila's A.I., you'll know in no time!

Created by: Sigma and Binny

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what's your favorite color
  2. what is your favoite modern weapon
  3. what is your favorite ancient weapon
  4. what's your favorite food
  5. what's your least favorite food
  6. what's your favorite type of wild cat
  7. what's your least favorite word
  8. The intergalactic police (otherwise known as STAR) has called for your help. You are given six options. Which do you choose
  9. what are your character traits
  10. which is your preferred enemy
  11. what do you do when your enemies are inside a large tank
  12. what do you do when you are surrounded by an army and cannot go berserk
  13. what's your favorite type of equipment
  14. what is your battle cry
  15. what's your least favorite animal
  16. You are in a STAR training session. The object of the session is to capture a flag that is heavily guarded by robots carrying laser-tag guns. What do you do
  17. STAR rewards you by giving you a high position. Which would you most likely get
  18. which would you prefer

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