Pokemon Story Part 1

Are you a super man? First of all, are you a super THING?!?! Well if you are, you use your powers for good. this is just to take up spacethis is justhis is just to take up spacet to tathis is just to take up spaceke up space this is just to take up space

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Created by: bobby

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  1. You wake up, stretch, and get out of bed. You relize everything is smaller. You look down, and you see a skinny, green body under you. You then know that the thing is you.
  2. you feel too uncomfortable too sit, so you call 911. They come almost immediatly. You rush to the door, and start to yell for help. But all that comes out is gurgling.
  3. they become immediatly afraid, but one comes with a net and scoops you up. He shoves you in a truck. You black out... You wake up in a cage.
  4. you see the keys on the ground and you get them. you get out and see a gaurd falling in a vat of toxic material. Its the guy who put you in the truck.
  5. you find a door to your right and go through it. you get in, but the room is exactly the same. you go in another door. still the same. you go through 6 more, but you can't get out. you come across the exit. you actually come across the security room. gaurds gather around you, threatening you with guns.
  6. the rest of the gaurds (3) look around, wondering where you went. you look over and see a lable "Zimphs's Testing Lab". You run out, and duck in a hole. you here a loud buzz go off. the alarm. you see a camera pointing at you. you find a string on the floor. it is 10 yards long; its in a ball. it is stiff, but you get it undone. a hole leads to the room in the camera. you see a gaurd's chest.
  7. you keep crawling and get in another room. you find a locked door. you slice through, and you get in "TESTING CHAMBER 1" and see a needle with reaction chemicals. they kill anything emediatly. you take it and see a docter that was turned around.
  8. you finally get out of the lab. you see it's as big as the capital. you dont know where you are. you find a local newspaper on the ground. you "gurgle", meaning you scream. it says, "Hawaii Local Festival On Tuesday" You lived in Main. A man walks up and kicks you. the gouvernment. you run away going...
  9. You go into a forest and find no food to eat exept bark and leaves.
  10. Thanks! thats all for today! Part 2 will hopefully be out soon! the next question does not effect your result.

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