Going to Hogwarts with a twist (World Cup) part 20

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hey! So, here is part 20 of my series!!! I'm so excited that we're finally into the fourth year and I can't wait until we get into the real action!!!!

So, have fun! You're at the World Cup!! Ireland or Bulgaria? Who will you chant for? . . .

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. It's weird when you feel coldness. It was worse than the Dementors cold, enwrapping around you. It was suffocating you, as if you were underwater. You were slowly drowning, and you couldn't get out, and then it was gone. It just fade away, like- "River... River... River wake up!" you hear Hermione say. You open up your eyes and you see Hermione, leaning over you. "Time to get up," she says. You groan and sit up and look around. You shared Ginny's room along with Hermione over at the Weasly's. You stare up at Hermione. "What time is it?" you ask. "I don't know, early," she says. "Now hurry, we have to leave in time for the World Cup."
  2. You smile as you get up to get dressed. You're happy you're with your friends, for the rest of the summer in fact. You get dressed and brush your hair and teeth with Ginny. "Excited?" she asks. "Yeah, it's going to be so wicked," you explain. "Who are you cheering for?" Ginny asks.
  3. After you're done getting ready you and Ginny and Hermione head down stairs where Mrs. Weasly has breakfast ready. You're the first three down there and you quickly sit down and eat. "Oh, the boys better hurry," Mr. Weasly says, sitting down at the table. "Or else we'll be late!" You smile and then hurry and eat and when you're done you stand up. "Well, are we going or what?" you ask. Ron looks up at you. "B-But we hardly got down here five minuets ago," he says. "Well so?" you ask. You smile as you see the stunned look on his face.
  4. A few minuets after Ron noticed that you were just joking, you and everyone else (besides Mrs. Weasly) heads out side. "So, we're walking that far?" you ask. "No, no my dear," Mr. Weasly says. "We're taking a portkey!" You smile. You've never taken a portkey before, and you're sure that it's quite fun. You all then make it into the forest where you're walking under the thick tree branches. "So, I can't wait to get the seats! Up with the Minister!" Ginny says. "Needless to say we're not getting nose bleed seats," you say. The two laugh and you laugh a long with them. "We're almost there!" Mr. Weasly says. "But- ah! Amos!"
  5. The next thing you know, Cedric jumps down from the tree right in front of you and he smiles at you. "Nice to see you again," he says. You smile back. "You too," you say. Amos then introduces Cedric to Mr. Weasly and then you all get back walking towards the Portkey. You come to the top of the hill to see an old worn down boot, just sitting there, innocent. "Okay then, grab hold of the boot then," Mr. Weasly says. Everyone then finds a spot to hold onto the boot. "Okay, don't let go until I say so," Mr. Weasly says. "Why would w-" you start, but all of a sudden you start spinning. It all seems weird and it's all white. "Let go!" Amos shouts. "What?" Harry shouts. "LET! GO!" Mr. Weasly says. You do as you're told and you let go and you fall, and you fall and you land on your feet, but end up falling over. You look up to see Cedric, Amos, and Mr. Weasly just floating down to the ground.
  6. You watch as they land on the ground and you try to stand up but you feel horrible pain in your leg. You let out a scream in pain and everyone looks over to you. "My leg," you say. "She must have broken it," Amos says. Everyone gathers around you and Mr. Weasly looks at your leg. "No, she just must have landed wrong, it should be fine in time for the game. I'll look at it when we get to the tent," Mr. Weasly says. "I'll carry here there," Cedric says. "It's okay," you say. "I'm sure I can walk." Cedric doesn't listen to you, he picks you up, one arm supporting your legs and another your back. "It's okay," he says. "It's not my first time carrying you." You blush remembering how he carried you in after your first Quidditch game that you ever saw.
  7. As you and everyone else come closer to the camp, you hear music, you hear and see fire works, you hear people laughing, and talking, and the screams of joy of little kids, running around with fake wands because they were too young to have one themselves. "Ah, there it is," Mr. Weasly says, while stopping at a tent that was as tall as a four year old. "Don't you think it's a little, small?" you ask. "Oh no of course not m'dear!" Mr. Weasly says. "Now why don't we get her in so we can look at her leg then, Cedric?" Needless to say you're the first two to go into the tent and it was amazing. The tent towered high above your head, and there was a stove, and several beds for everyone to sleep in. Cedric sets you down on a bed and he sits down next to you as Mr. Weasly comes over. "All right then," he says taking his wand out and pointing it at your ankle. "Now, this might hurt a little dear. Episkey!" You feel pain in your ankle and it goes very hot for a second, then really cold. You move your ankle around and then stand up. "It feels fine now," you say.
  8. Mr. Weasly smiles at you, and then he turns to everyone else. "Well kids, we still have a while before the game starts, so why don't you kids go around and have fun, but stay where we can see you, all right?" You smile as you see the twins burst out of the tent and yell, "Who'd like to try our latest invention?" You turn to Cedric who was now standing up. You walk over to him. "So, you're leg's all better then?" he asks. "Yes, thank you, again," you say. He smiles and puts his hands in his pockets. "No problem," he says. Then his father decides to call him over, and Cedric walks away. You decide to walk over to Hermione and Ginny and you sit down on their bed. So you just talked with them fore a while until Mr. Weasly kindly interrupted you three and said it was time to go to the game.
  9. So, you and the others hurry up and gather your stuff to head to the match. Everyone else was flooding in, and you didn't think that you'd ever make it in on time, but you finally reached the stairs and you then started to climb up, well, that is until you ran into Draco and his father. You grabbed onto Harry's hand and then you quickly pull him up the stairs. "W- River! What are you doing?" Harry asks, as everyone else rushes up the stairs too. You stop and let go of his hand. "Getting out of here before you got any crap from Draco," you say. "Malfoy's here?" Fred asks. You nod your head. "What should we give him?" George whispers to Fred. You smile as you listen to what horrible things they're planning to do to Draco and finally you all make it to your seats.
  10. Everyone sits and about half an hour later it is announced that the game has begun after the show of Ireland Fireworks and Veela's. The game begins and both teams come out and they start to play. Fred and George are so intent on Ireland winning, but Bulgaria catching the Snitch, that they even bet money for it! The next thing you know though, Ireland makes a cheep move and they hit the Bulgarian Seeker, Viktor Krum, in the face.
  11. So, at the end of the game, Viktor Krum caught the Snitch, but Ireland still had the most points, which means the twins were right. Everyone then starts to head back to the tent. It was really crowded but you managed to make your way to a less dense part, and that's when you saw him. Draco. Standing there, looking at you. You smile a little and wave and he makes sure his dad isn't looking and smiles and waves back, and that's when the coldness hits you.
  12. You see the camp. It's burning, and people are screaming, running around. There are people doing spells and everything is up in flames. The wind blows burnt up flags and some people lay on the ground, either dead or knocked out, you can't tell. Men in black cloaks and silver masks are walking around. "....River...." you hear someone say faintly. "..River.." Again you hear them. "River," Harry says. Everything's gone. The happy, laughing people are back. The camp is fine and the only screams you hear are screams of joy. "Yeah?" you ask. "Come on, we're heading back to camp," he says.
  13. "Oh, yeah, right," you say. Harry casts you a weird look but you ignore it and you walk back into the camp. When you get in you see the twins just acting like they're in some Indian fire dance or something, and Ron is giving a speech about how awesome Viktor Krum is. You smile and roll your eyes and you go over to sit down on your bed. Not too long later, Mr. Weasly states that you should all get to bed since you still have that long walk tomorrow. Not everyone was happy about it, but they did it anyways. You go and lay down your head.
  14. Something woke you up. You don't know what it was, but something just woke you up. You sit up and you look around. Everyone's gone. You stand up and grab your wand. You hear screaming. You hurry and rush out side in you PJ's... You're vision was real.

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