going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 14

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HHHEEEEYYYY! So, I have a thing for you Draco fans in here (or Draki, depends how you look at it) and I also have- well... nothing really. just something

for the Draco fans I guess. But you also find out some things with... should I tell you? or leave it a surprise? .

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. You wake up from sleep. Everything is quiet. Very surprisingly quiet. You get out of bed and you wonder why everything and everyone in your dorm room is gone. It takes you five seconds to remember what happened yesterday. Everyone left for Christmas break. Professor Lupin informed you that Rob and Gala were on an emergency trip and you had to stay home. Blake said bye to you yesterday, while giving you a charm bracelet that she made herself. You totally forgot that it was Christmas, and you just gave her some of the candy that you hadn't eaten yet, and you plan to do the same thing with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
  2. You hurry, get dressed, and brushed your hair and stuff like that and then you walked into the common room. No one was there. You were the only Slytherin left in Hogwarts. You sigh as you walk out of the hidden entrance and you head to the great hall for breakfast. Hardly anyone was there when you got in, there were little Gryffindor's, Ravenclaws, and hardly any Hufflepuff's. The Slytherin table was empty. You sigh and sit down at the table and you eat breakfast alone. After breakfast, you think that you may have gotten a letter in the mail from Rob and Gala for Christmas, and so you head to the Owlery.
  3. It's cold when you get outside, and you rap your arms around yourself. It's softly snowing, and the snow gets in your hair, making it all sparkly. You head up the stairs, and then you're surrounded by owls. As if it had a que, an owl flutters down towards you, it has a letter and a package, and they're both labeled for you. First, you take the letter, and you see it's from Rob and Gala. "Dear River," it reads. "We're so sorry to hear about the roses and the Dementors. We're sorry that you can't come home this Christmas, but we ran into some problems. We'll tell you about it when you do come home. We have a present for you, but you can't open it until Christmas. It will surprise you, but it was your mothers. It will protect you. Love, Rob and Gala." The part in the letter about your present confused you, but you take the present anyways. It's about the size of your chest, but light as a feather. You take it back to your common room and set it on your bed for tomorrow.
  4. So, after that, you head back into the halls. It feels like Christmas, it smells like Christmas, it looks like Christmas. Silver decorates the halls, huge silver trees are set up all over the place. It all seems peaceful, wonderful, brilliant. "Oi! River!" you hear Ron shout at you. You turn and you see the golden trio waving at you. You smile and walk over to them. "Merry Christmas," Hermione says. "Thanks, you too," you say. Harry doesn't look that happy, and he hardly grunts "Merry Christmas," to you. At first, you wander why he's so grumpy, and then you remember about the thing with Sirius. "Uh..." you say. "I have to go do something real quick." Ron and Hermione groan. "You're not going to leave us again, are you?" Ron asks. "Sorry, but it's important," you say, facing all three of them. "More important than us?" Hermione asks.
  5. "I'll be back soon," you say. "I promise." Ron sighs and Hermione shrugs. "Okay, but you better not run off during Christmas young lady," Hermione says. You smile. "I won't," you say. Then, you turn around and run out side, and across the powdery snow towards the forbidden forest. You run into the forest area, the place where you always meet Sirius and you spin around. "Sirius?" you whisper. "Merry Christmas," you hear Sirius say, as he walks out from the forest. You turn and smile at him, but it quickly fades. "We need to talk."
  6. "What's wrong?" Sirius asks. "Harry knows that he's your godson, but he hates you. He says he wants to kill you. He-" you choke. "He thinks you helped killed his parents." Sirius has a sad look in his eyes and he looked down at his hands. "I was afraid he was going to find out," he says. "Well now he has," you say, "and he's mad. He wants to kill you." There's a cold silence. All the cheer of Christmas is now gone, as if it never existed in the first place. "Sirius," you say calmly. "What happened that night?"
  7. Sirius sighs. He points to under the tree. "Here, it's a long story, why don't you have a seat?" he asks. The tree provided a dry canopy for you to sit under, and you and Sirius sat with your backs to the tree. "Harry's father and I used to be best friends. As was our friend Remus, and Peter Petigrew. When Harry's father and mother found out that the Dark Lord, Voldemort, was after them, we put a spell on them. He could look right through their window, and he wouldn't see them, as long as I didn't tell him where they were." "You didn't tell him, did you?" you ask. "No, no never," he says. "I told them that, they should have me to keep their secret, and so they chose Peter. Peter betrayed them, and the Dark Lord killed them. I went after Peter, and tried to kill him, I was so mad. He used a spell, that killed twelve muggles, and he even cut off his own pinky. He's an animagi, and he can change into a rat. He escaped down into the sewers to make it look liked I killed him, and the muggles." "And they sent you to Azkaban," you say. "Yes, they sent me there," he said.
  8. It was a lot of information to take in, that was for sure, and you just sat there and looked at your hands. "They were thinking about having your mother, and if they did, then maybe they'd be alive," Sirius says. 'Parents,' and 'alive' makes you remember something. you never even had one Christmas with your parents. They died Christmas Eve. "They were great people," Sirius says. You look up at him and smile. "Do I have a godfather, like Harry?" you ask. Sirius smiles. "Yes," he says. "Who?" you ask.
  9. His smile becomes small. "I think that's something for Gala and Rob to tell you," he says. You're kind of mad at his words, but you don't show it on your face. "Sorry, but I don't think it's my place to tell," he says. "It's okay," you say. "I'll just ask them when I get home," you say, now seeing that it's not that big of a problem. "Well, I should be going, I promised Harry, Ron and Hermione that I would take too long," you say, standing up. Sirius stands up with you. "I'll walk with you," he says. He turns into a dog and then you both start walking towards the forest. "Race you there," you say, as you begin to run, and he fallows you, barking. you call it a tie when you reach the edge of the forest and you say goodbye to Sirius, and trudge back though the snow to the castle.
  10. When you get back the stupid thought of your parents hits you again. "One Christmas," you say. "Not even one- one-" And that's when the tears start coming silently down your face. You head back towards your common room where you can cry in peace. You come to the dungeon and when you get into the common room you see someone. Draco turns your way, but you quickly look away so he wont see you. "Sorry, I thought all the Slytherin's were home," you say. "River, are you alright?" Draco asks. "I'm fine," you say. "I thought I was the only one, I'll just go now," you say. You turn to leave, but Draco grabs your hand. "River," he says. "No one's here, right now, I don't have a reputation." You turn towards him and he sees you, your eyes are red and puffy. "What happened?"
  11. "M-My parents," you say. "Not even Christmas... Not even Christmas..." Draco's eyes go wide. "They d- they died before you even had..." he asks. You nod. "River I- I'm-" he sees that words aren't enough to comfort you, so he pulls you towards him and hugs you. Draco, who you thought was always a stuck up jerk is now trying to make you feel better. "I'm sorry," he says.
  12. "It's okay," Draco says softly. "I'm sorry..." You nod your head and pull away from Draco and look at him. "Thank you," you say. Draco nods. "Uh, yeah, sure," he says. He clears his throat and takes his hands off of you. You wipe away the tears and soon you stop crying. "Well, uh, I should get going," you say. "Oh, yeah, Uh, I'll be here if you need me," Draco says. You nod. "Thank you, again," you say. So, you and Draco say bye, and then head to find Ron, Harry, and Hermione.
  13. You find Harry, Hermione, and Ron in the Library. "Hey," you say. "Where've you been?" Ron asks. "Are you okay?" Hermione asks. You guess that your eyes are still red. "Yeah, it's just- parents- they're" you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and then open your eyes again. "I never had a Christmas with them," you finish. Harry nods. "I know w-what it feels like," he says.
  14. "Come on," Ron says. "Hermione is boring us." Hermione punches Ron. "RONALD!" she shouts. "SHH!" the librarian says. You laugh a small laugh and sit down next to Harry and across from Hermione. "So, what are we looking up?"

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