Going to Hogwarts with a twist part 29

HHHIIII!!! You'll get to find out what happens at the Third Task now! I really hope you like it!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ELSE TO SAY!!!! LAKDJF;ALKDFJ;ALKJ

HHHIIII!!! You'll get to find out what happens at the Third Task now! I really hope you like it!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ELSE TO SAY!!!! LAKDJF;ALKDFJ;ALKJ

Created by: funniebunnie01

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  1. Okay, so first, I just want to give a warning, WARNING: Results to the quiz SUCK. I'm sorry, I just had no idea what else to put soo.... Yeah... but enjoy the little story quiz, thingy... yeah. I'll shut up now. Oh wait, while you're taking this quiz, you should listen to "Say Something." It adds to it. Cause there's a really sad part. :'(
  2. You wait for the Champions to get into the Maze in order to go after them. They would have seen you if you went in before them. Finally, after minuets of waiting, you stand up and walk towards the tent for the Champions. "River?" Blake asks, walking after you. "Where are you going?" You turn around and face her. "Blake, you need to stay here," you say. Blake looks at you. "What? No, where are you going? What are you even doing?" she asks. "Blake just trust me, you have to stay here," you say. She gives you a look. "You're going to do something dangerous, aren't you?" she asks. You sigh. "Yes, but you have to stay here Blake," you say. If you're going to endanger yourself, you don't want to take her with you. "Look," Blake says. "I don't know if you have this though your head yet or not, but where ever you go, I go, even if that means I have to jump into the ocean with million pound weights on my shoulders." You look at her and sigh.
  3. "Alright," you say, while turning around. "But you're going to need your wand." In two minuets you finally come to the tent, the place where you can hide until it's clear for you to go in. "Wait, where are we going again?" she asks. "Into the maze," you answer. "What? River, why?" she asks. You shake your head. "You wouldn't understand," you say, as you finally see that all the teachers have finally looked away from the maze. "Okay, now," you whisper, and you sprint onto the field. You and Blake face the maze and you will it to open. 'open...' you think to yourself. "Miss. ____, Miss. Lionheart, what are you doing!" Snape shouts at you. You look behind you, and you quickly turn back towards the maze which has opened up. You grab Blake and then you sprint into the maze. "WAIT!" Snape shouts, but the maze closed on him, and you and Blake are left alone in the silence, and darkness of the maze.
  4. "Alright," Blake speaks up. "Now what?" You look at the maze, there's a left, and right path. 'Right...' something whispers in your mind. "You follow me," you answer, walking to the right path. Blake follows after you, and you two both use Lumos to light your path. You walk along, hearing strange noises, and you see strange creatures, but for some reason, they all scream, or make some sort of noise in alarm, and they run away from you. "Why are they doing that?" Blake asks you. 'I'm Angelic,' your mind says. "I don't know," your mouth says, as you walk along. Finally, you come to a clearing, and in front of you, you see a pedistol, something of which looks like would hold something, but it's empty. "Isn't that where the cup should be?" Blake asks you. You nod. Who ever touched it, should be back out of the maze, but there's no cheering. You knew something was wrong. "Come on," you say walking up to it.
  5. You come to the pidistol and you put your hand on it. You get some sort of flash memory or something, and you see Harry and Cedric both grabbing a glowing huge cup at the same time, and being tranceported to some place. "It was a port key," you whisper. "What?" Blake asks. "River, are you feeling okay? You're not making any sense at all." You nod and grab her hand, because some reason, you know what you're doing, even though you don't know what will happen. You close your eyes and you consentrate on where the port key could have taken them. Then, something hit's you. The grave that read Tom Riddle. You think of that place, and you think hard. "River..." Blake says. "Shh." you say. "River, where are we?" Blake asks. You open your eyes instantly, and you're not in the maze anymore. You're in a grave yard, mist all around you, and you hear talking and fighting near you.
  6. "Come on, we're about to get in a fight," you say, letting go of her hand, and rushing towards the voices. "What's goin-" Blake starts. "SHH!!!" you say. "What's going on," Blake whispers. "I dont' know," you say. "You don't know?" Blake asks you. "Just, shut up and trust me," you order as you finally see three people imurge into your view. There, you see Harry, Cedric, and Peter, the same Peter that got away from you last year. "Kill the spare..." you hear a weird voice whisper. Peter then raises his wand and points it at Cedric. "Av-" he starts. You remember the beginning of the killing curse, and by reflex you rush in front of Cedric, with your wand pointing at him and you shout the shield spell, and it creates some sort of white bubble around you, protecting you from the green light that was meant at Cedric. You cut the spell off as Peter looks at you. "Why I sh-" he starts. "Don't... she's of value to us... tie the spare, the girl, and her red head friend up..." a voice says.
  7. All of a sudden, you're blasted back, along with Cedric and Blake and you're tied up to a grave stone. A pain is in your back, which let's you know that you don't have your corset on, and your wand is under your foot, and you cant reach it. "Oh no," you say, as Peter begins to cut into Harry's arm. "River," Cedric says. You look towards your left, the side he's on. "Why'd you come here?" he asks. Should you tell him about your visions? You don't know if you should or not. "Cedric... I... I've been having dreams about this," you say, tears swelling up in your eyes. "I've watched this over, and over, and over again, for the past year, and- I had to help." Cedric looks at you, and Blake says, "you had dreams about this, and you didn't tell anyone?" You look away from both of them. "You wouldn't understand," tears streaming down your face. "I couldn't with out-" The two look at you. "With out what?" Cedric asks. You don't answer. "With out what River?" Blake asks, but then, that's when the Death Eaters arrived.
  8. Yo didn't notice this before, but Voldemort stands before all of you, as the Death Eaters surround him. "Oh... My... God..." Blake says. You look away as Voldemort starts to make his speech about how he's come back. You can't really believe that he's really here. You look down and you remember that your wand is under your foot. 'roll it...' you think. You start to try and roll your wand towards your hand, very slowly, with out anyone noticing. "River..." Blake says. "Shh," you order, as it comes closer to your hand. Finally, you grasp it, in your hands and you point it at the ropes that tie you all together. You cut the ropes and you stand up faster than Blake or Cedric and you point your wand at the closest Death Eater and shout the stunning spell.
  9. Everyone goes wild, Death Eaters shooting spells, you, Cedric, Blake, and Harry shooting spells, everything is just crazy. You hear Blake scream and you look over to see that a Death Eater disarmed her and is now holding her, making she she wont get away, no matter how much swearing, screaming, kicking and scratching she does. You hear another scream, and you noticed that the same thing happened to Cedric, but they had to pin him down on the ground to keep him still, and the same thing with Harry. You're the only one standing, and what's left of the Death Eaters swarm around you, wands pointed at you. "Wait," Voldemort says. You look at him as the Death Eaters move out of his way and he walks towards you. "I shall take care of her," Voldemort says. "Wont I, (Your name)?"
  10. "What?" you asked, confused. "My name isn't ____, it's River." Voldemort laughs at you. "The lie you've been fed all your life, I'm afraid," he says. You look around, Cedric, Blake, and Harry look stunned. "You are friends with Draco, aren't you?" Voldemort asks. "And you should know well that his father is here, right now." You turn back to him, still stunned, thinking that he's lying about you name, but something tells you he's not. "Oh, still shocked, aren't you? Please _____, you could have figured that a while ago since you're Angelic," Voldemort says. Another shock hits you. "How do you know?" you ask instantly. Voldemort laughs again. "Please!" he shouts. "I was the one who made the order to kill your parents!"
  11. You look at him, all of your shocked replaced by anger, and haterid. "You killed them?" you ask, tears streaming down your face. "Oh, poor, poor ______," Voldemort says, which makes the Death Eaters mock laugh at you. You look around, and this time you can't hold it back. "RIVER NO!" Cedric shouts, knowing what you're thinking. You throw the stunning spell at Voldemort and he blocks it easily, as if catching a football. He laughs at you. "You have braveness in you, _____," Voldemort says. "But sadly, your braveness will be the death of you."
  12. Voldemort points his wand at you, and shouts at the top of his voice the killing curse. It hits you in the chest and you fall down. Your wand is laying loosly in your hand, and your hair is gracefully around your shoulders, and your free hand on your chest, right where he hit you. Your eyes stare unblinking up at the stars. The bright shinning stars reflect off of you ______ eyes. The Death Eaters laugh at your lifeless body while Cedric, Harry, and Blake are screaming, swearing, and trying to fight them. The dead body that you saw in your vision and dreams, were you.
  13. HIII!!! hope you liked it! So, HUGE twist of events there, huh? There was a reason why I gave you a name, and just stick with the story to see what happens! Love ya! KIT.

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