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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to enter the wonderful world of Harry Potter? What adventures would await you in Hogwarts? What friends would you make, and what sort of trouble would you get yourself into? This quiz series is a story series of a reader insert, following your life in Hogwarts starting your third year at school.

This quiz series is a remastered and edited version of my previous quiz series "Going to Hogwarts with a Twist (Girls Only)." I started these series when I was around 12 years old, and I am now trying to back to my roots and find joy in things I used to enjoy. Thank you for following along!

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. Distorted spines of books faced you in seemingly endless shelves as you traced your fingers along the old leather. Those books must have seen years of use with their yellowed pages. Choosing a book at random from one of the shelves, you haphazardly flipped through the pages, seeing the muddied handwriting of the previous owner, who quickly wrote down notes and reminders as if they were running out of time. Of course there was the nice table at the front of the store with the brand new books that you would need for your first year in a public school, but you weren't interested in those. Those didn't have character, or the past that you were so interested in. But, of course, just because you were interested in it, doesn't mean that it was what you needed.
  2. "______? Where'd you go?" you heard a voice call out in the sea of shelves. Gently closing the book, as if not to disturb the words inside, you placed the book in it's rightful slot on its shelf before making your way back into the real world. You were greeted by an ocean of people drifting their way around the store, children younger and older than you looking at some of the titles with boredom, and even disgust. Though you couldn't entirely sympathize with them, you understood why people would be unhappy in a bookstore selling the textbooks that they would need for their upcoming school year. You wondered if it was really as bad as people made it out to be; learning. Though your method of learning was a little unorthodox your first two years, you never found it terribly unbearable.
  3. Your eyes caught sight of a lovely woman, whose hair laid in golden curls, cascading down her back. Though you were inside, you could have sworn you saw the breeze teasing at her hair, almost as if it was flowing behind her. Books towered in her hands, and it looked like she was having trouble keeping them balanced. "Need a hand?" you asked as you reached your hands out towards her. The woman did her best to balance the books on her hips while using a free hand to take about half the books off of the pile. Soon the books were in your hands and the fresh scent was filling your nose. "I had a feeling I was going to lose sight of you as soon as we stepped foot in here again," the woman giggled as she nodded towards the check out area of the bookstore. "Come on, let's get these paid for, then we can head home."
  4. Like little ants lining up to make their way home, you added on to the long line that made its way to the checkout area. Thankfully it wasn't taking a large amount of time for the line to move forward, but you didn't mind the wait. Any place with books in it was a place where you knew you would be spending your time well. "That book looks interesting," the woman gestured to the book on top of your pile. Your eyes flickered over to the book she was talking about. The Monster Book of Monsters, by Edwardus Lima. It was truly an odd book as she suggested. Instead of the standard leather you would see on most books, this book seemed to be lined with fur, and had a clasp to keep the book shut. The longer you stared at it, the more you seemed to notice, and you could have sworn you saw it breathing.
  5. "Did you not have this book when you went to school?" you asked, taking another step forward as the like progressed. "I never took the class, actually," the woman responded. "I hear the old groundskeeper is teaching the class this year though. He's a good man. I'm sure you'll enjoy the class." Your heart began to flutter in your chest. That year would be your first year attending Hogwarts after having your schooling done at home for your first two years. Of course your caretakers always made sure you got your social time with other children around your residence, but you were excited to be able to meet new people and see an entire different side of the magical world. "I can't wait to leave," you sighed.
  6. Right as the line began to move forward once more, you felt a hard push come from your right which sent your books flying. The person who ran into you, who looked to be a boy in his first year, offered you a quick, halfhearted apology before running off somewhere else. You sighed and looked down at your books, only to notice that your monster studies book seemed to be... jumping? And there was a low growling sound that seemed to come from deep within its pages. Without prodding, the books clasp suddenly came undone, and the books growling became louder than ever! It started to open and close vigorously, as if the book itself had become a large mouth. Even worse, the book began to move across the floor of the store, sending alarmed screams from those it came in contact with.
  7. Stumbling over your own feet, you began to chase after the book, doing your best to try and catch up to it before it caused any serious damage. Luckily you didn't have to chase after it for much longer. In a swift and sudden motion you watched as a cane seemingly stabbed its way onto the book, forcing it to shut. That didn't stop the book from struggling, however, but you took the opportunity and quickly clasped the book once again to force it shut. It could struggle all it wanted, but you knew it couldn't go anywhere. "Thank you!" you exhaled, standing up to face the person who had helped you.
  8. When looking up to thank the person who had helped you, you were met with a tall man. He had a strong nose, and thin lips, but the most blaring feature of his was his rather long, almost white hair. He looked down at you with a slight smirk on his face. "Having trouble with your books?" he questioned. "This one has a little more personality than I'm used to," you responded, hugging the book close to your chest, afraid it might burst from its confinement. A golden streak blurred your vision for a moment as you felt a hand rip the book from your arms. "Oh, this blasted book. Are you alright?"
  9. "I'm fine, Esme," you sighed, looking behind you at the large line that had absorbed the spot you had just moments before. "Esme?" the man repeated. "Well, well, it's been awhile." This woman, Esme, had been your caretaker for as long as you could remember. She was always a beautiful and kind, and you swore she wouldn't ever even hurt a fly. But this man seemed to have a different effect on her. Her beautiful green eyes narrowed, shooting daggers at the man, and her rosy lips weren't upturned into a smile like they normally would have been. "Lucius," she greeted.
  10. "Book shopping for young ______, are we?" the man, Lucius, said. You were thrown off for a moment at the man dropping your name. You had never seen this man before in your life, yet he seemed to know who you and Esme were. But the tension between the two of them was wrong, and you suddenly found yourself wanting to get as far away from that bookstore as possible. "It's a little odd for the two of us to be making small talk, don't you think?" Esme spoke up, as she began to gather the other books that had been dropped on the floor. "Oh, please, Esme. We're both adults here. We don't have to be friends, but we can be civilized creatures," Lucius spoke up as you took some of the books off of Esme's hands. "We both have bigger things to worry about. Young children to look after."
  11. "I suppose," Esme said, throwing you a quick glance before turning her attention to Lucius once more. "Though, as much as I would love to stand around and catch up with an old friend, ______ and I are on quite a tight schedule." Lucius's lips tightened together to form a slight smile as he turned slightly to look behind him. "I completely understand. Draco and I should get going soon as well." Curious as to who he was looking at, you found yourself leaning to the side to see past Lucius. You caught sight of a boy, a few inches taller than you, with the same pale, almost white, hair as Lucius. It was long enough to almost cover his forehead, but looked well kept. His eyes were a strong blue, and they looked around as if he were bored with everything going on. "Though, I still am curious as to why a young girl who's being home schooled would need a book such as The Monster Book of Monsters," Lucius prodded.
  12. "I'm actually going to Hogwarts this year," you spoke up. At the mention of you attending Hogwarts, it looked as if Lucius was doing his best to suppress a grin. He tilted his chin up into the air a sight bit before slowly lowering it back down. "Ah, then you'll be in my son, Draco's, grade," Lucius said. Your eyes quickly glanced back to the boy standing next to Lucius. Obviously that had to have been his son. They looked too much alike to not be. "Well, ______. It was lovely meeting you. I wish you an eventful first year at Hogwarts. Draco, come." With that, the man had disappeared into the ocean of people around you, his young son trailing behind him. Esme sighed as she turned her attention to the line that seemed even longer than it had been before when the two of you first entered the line. "I'm sorry about that. Let's get back in line so we can leave."
  13. "Who was that?" you asked as you followed Esme back in line. "That was Lucius Malfoy, and his son, Draco," Esme sighed, adjusting the books in her arms. "You didn't really seem all that happy to see him," you noted. Esme froze for a slight moment, doing her best to try and blow her hair out of her face as her hands were occupied with your books. "He's a very deceiving man. He comes from a long line of Pureblood wizards, and he believes in blood superiority," Esme said, her words trailing off into a mutter. "Oh," you said simply. "So he probably wouldn't like me being muggle-born."
  14. "Look, I don't want to pass on the bad blood of old people down to you. I want you to have a fun year at Hogwarts without worrying about this drama," Esme assured you. "You might be muggle-born, but you're still one of the most talented witches I have ever seen, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise." You could feel your face heat up at her complements, and you couldn't help but giggle. "Yeah, but that's only because I was taught by the most amazing caretakers ever," you deflected. The two of you bantered back and forth for quite some time before finally being able to pay for your new textbooks. Once they were paid for, you and Esme left the store to be greeted by the fresh breeze. Diagon Alley was full of life, with other students rushing around to buy their supplies, as well as others out on the town for fun. It was like you had completely forgotten your run in with Lucius Malfoy. You were excited for what the year held before you, and you couldn't wait to step foot in Hogwarts.

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